21st May Friday Back Chat – Getting back into the sling of things…

21st May 2010 7.40am

This week has been wonderfully uneventful, work has been ticking along just fine and for the first time in ages my DD has stayed fit and well for over a week….touch wood. I really shouldn’t speak too soon as we are off to Edinburgh for the weekend tomorrow morning and I really don’t want a sickly child on her first flight.

DD and I also had great fun planting our courgette, tomato and pepper seedlings for a summer vegi supply. Although she was determind to sit on all the plants once they had been planted, but a couple of days later and they seemed to have perked up and no longer show signs of giving up the ghost.Ava May 2010 Gardening Here she is gardening and cleaning tent pegs from camping the other week.

The best thing about this week was that I ordered and got my first proper baby/toddler sling. I used to have a BabyBjorn carrier for DD which I used daily until she was about 10 months – then she started to get a big heavy for it. After going to a local La Leche League meeting, I was inspired to get a proper sling – the mums recommended the ring Maya sling, but after some additional research and a chat to a lovely lady at Slumber-Roo.co.uk … I concluded that a Mei Tai would be better – that’s the asian style which basically is a big square of material with long strips of material that you wrap around your body to strap baby/toddler into place. My hubby was not best pleased though, he can’t understand why we need a sling now DD is walking, when we already have an off road buggy and walking rucksack and didn’t agree with me spending £50 on a sling. But he’s not the one having to carrier DD around when she is being clingy and doesn’t want to go in the buggy, or is tiered and wants to be held in the house while I am cooking or doing chores. He is determined not to like the Baby Hawk Mei Tai, but I’m sure that within a couple of weeks he’ll be wanting to give it a go. I am determined to make him a convert J but don’t tell him that or he’ll resist it even more.



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