There’s a turd in the tub

Yesterday was one of those long days in the office packed with presentations, my annual appraisal and a long commute… I was pleased with how it had all gone, despite feeling absolutely knackered. So picture this, I was sat kneeing by the side of the bath singing and laughing as my DD happily played, letting the fish’n’chips that I’d just yomped down settle. Then I notice something brown floating up from behind the rubber duck….

Oh shit…literally – she’d crapped in the bath. I was in a mad dash then to haul her out with one arm while trying to salvage Fergal the frog from getting feced fins. I didn’t want another one of our bath toys dying that horrible dirty death.  Anyway, back to it…then I dashed over to the en-suite shower to hose the little babe down.

While sprinting back to the other bathroom to grab her towel I returned to find that she’d got her finger stuck in the detachable plug hole cover – luckily crisis averted, she got it off easily…phew.

So I rounded my busy day off by picking poo out of the plug hole – nice.

 I’ve got another long office in the day today – let’s hope she’s not planning any more delightful surprises when I get home this evening 😉


One thought on “There’s a turd in the tub

  1. debbie macaulay says:

    Ahh bless her! The joys of being a mum!!!!!

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