Friday 28th May Backchat…it’s been a crazy week


Whoa what a week…talk about action packed!

Veggies on toddler terror alert

Sadly the veggies we planted out last week have not all survived, they are officially on toddler terror alert after a poor courgette plant was beheaded from the soil surface upwards, the tomato plants are all thriving and the potatoes are sprouting – lets hope they don’t fall victim to the wayward toddler.
Baked in EdinburghIMG_1332

Last weekend hubby, DD and I jetted off to Edinburgh for the weekend, where it was baking hot – not a city that’s suited for high temperatures. And the hotel room had no air con with rubbish windows that would only open a small crack – so we were officially crispy round the edges by the end of our stay. Just to guarentee the occasion would stick in our minds for ever, the fire alarm also went off very late on Saturday night, which meant we had to evacuate onto the busiest drunk street of Edinburgh (the grass market).

Regardless of the conditions, we still had a great time, but learnt a hell of a lot about taking a toddler on a city break – i.e. think again and go somewhere more child friendly 😉
Work ranks up on the boredom scale


I also spent two long days in our UK office for a long dull sales meeting, an even duller appraisal…thank goodness its Friday.  It wasn’t all dull though, its always a good laugh with the sales team – they’re great for a good bit of dirty minded humour.
Carried away with sling success


I gotta tell ya how much I lurve my new babyhawk sling, it’s been worth its weight in gold over the last week, particularly in Edinburgh when catching taxis, in the busy airport and around the city. I am definitely a born again slinger, it’s still taking hubby sometime to see the light though, but he does seem to recognize the benefits now. So pleased I bought myself this for mother’s day rather than the Radley handbag I’ve been eying up for the last three months – which I might add was three times the price.

Yeah the weekend

So got a nice long weekend to look forward to as its May bank holiday, looking forward to going swimming, doing some clothes shopping (cause its getting desperate now) and generally catching up on dull stuff like selling old gear on eBay and cleaning the house.

Hope you have a nice weekend.





One thought on “Friday 28th May Backchat…it’s been a crazy week

  1. ellen says:

    lol… sounds like you need to try centre parcs hehe xxx

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