There’s something eating tooth brushes in our house

We lost another of DD's toothbrushes last week, I've lost count of how many tooth brushes I've bought for DD in the last couple of months. I'm not sure where she is putting them or what is eating them…or maybe they have just fallen victim to the ever hungry bin and toddler who constantly seeks to satisfy its random eating urges, like my sparkly hair clip and hubby's expensive walking sock.

Don't get me on the walking sock topic, that set off a whole search of the house, were upon I found no tooth brushes but another random unpaired sock (inside a clean duvet cover). Hubby gave up and then hurled the remaining sock in the bin – I thought this was a bit irrational and was sure it would turn up somewhere. Only when we had gone away for a week did I recall that DD had been putting freshly washed socks in the bin a couple of days before. I was able to retrieve everything in the end, but the salvage operation was grim…say no more.

What are your best lost but found stories?


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