Wash away time with washable nappies – dispelling the myth

So many people think that going down the washable nappy route takes loads of time, but honestly – it doesn't.

"Wow you use washable nappies, well done you." I get comments like this all the time, but it really isn’t the time sink that you might perceive – you just need to get the right set up working for you.  

I would say a decent supply, a good modern washing machine and a portable foldout drier is fundamental to making this work. Oh and I almost forgot, ensure you have some nappies in your collection that are supper quick drying like tots bots fluffles and use disposable liners…you don’t want to be scraping the poop off some nice fleecy liner at 9pm at night when you should be chilling out with a glass of wine!

Buying the right quantity of nappies at the right price

  Don’t scrimp on the quantity or you’ll be washing every day

  Watch out for good deals on nappies well before you’re in  need of them to get the best deal

  Check out e-bay, bide your time and you can get some great deals

  Amazon can also have some good deals, I managed to get a load of Orange Tots Bots for £2.33 on Amazon one time (although to be honest I haven’t ever come across such a good deal since. Thank goodness I ceased the moment and bought my year’s supply then.)

  Consider buying second hand – it’s not as gross as it sounds. You can save tones of cash this way.

Decent washing machine

I’m not advocating that you go out and buy a new washing machine for the purpose, but if you happen to be thinking about it anyway, some extra features make washing your nappies much easier. Get one with a pre-rinse option , because its really useful for when you have an extra pooie batch of nappies.

Portable foldout drier

You don’t need a tumble drier to dry your nappies, even in rainy UK. A portable foldout dryer that you can put next to a radiator does the trick just fine. It also means that you can take it in and out of the garden quickly (perfect for those inevitable showers – without setting you back on your days drying). I don’t always put all my nappies on the foldout dryer though, when the radiators are on I make use of those.


Not the best picture I know, but thats all I could manage at this time of the morning 😉


I know washable nappies ain't for everyone, but if you're on a tight budget they are well worth investing in - they are much cheaper than disposables.


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