Big day out on customer site

I’ve got up extra early this morning, as I’ve got a big day out from the home office, starting off with a 3.5hr train ride to Stevenage where I’ve promised myself to do lots of work en-route…hmm fat chance, a snooze is in order I think – particularly as I’ve got up at up the crack of dawn to check my emails in case anything urgent came in from my colleagues in America last night. And to enter this blog of course 😉 it’s surprisingly addictive. I always thought people who did blogs had no life and should get one…another thing I was wrong on. Also loaded the washing machine and got hubby his frozen lasagna out for tea tonight – mine will have to be on the train home.

Today’s gonna be a loonnnggg one, taxi at 7.20 to the train station and get home for about 8.45 tonight, so hubbys got full DD duty tonight and to drop her off at the child minders this morning. If I’m honest, sounds like its gonna be tougher on him, he’s had a terrible night sleep after being off work for a couple of days shooting cannons from both ends with sickness and diarrhea. DD is also being a really grizzly bum at the moment as she’s got her ‘I’ teeth coming through – Brenda the childminder tells me these are the worst. Saturday night definitely supports her theory; I was woken up what felt like every 30mins/1hr to perform my comforting duties – poor baby.

But the nice thing about days like today is that I get to leave my scruffs at home, put on some makeup and a suite and visit a customer. Should be an interesting day as I’m interviewing a company so that I can write a case study about how they use my company’s software to help them. Now I put that down in writing it sounds a little dull…but it’s not to me – I guess that says it all 😉

Anyway I’ve got porridge to eat, make-up to apply on and a toddler to rise shortly…catch you later!



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