Train Rant

I'm currently sat at Taunton train station because the train manager threw me of the train (been here for an hour now)…I'm not a happy bunny.

I'd bought an advance ticket from Exeter to Stevenage last week which cost a blumin fortune. I thought…thought wrong it turns out…that I would be able to catch an earlier train than the seat I had reserved. I was willing to pay a single price again so I could get to me destination earlier, but the train manager said I was wasting his time and threw me off. Told me I have to wait for my original train. I wasn't even rude to him, and was being very compliant and polite.

I am soooo ****ed off! I could have got up an hour later. Even the conductor on the platform said he was out of order.

And now at I've just heard that the train is delayed for 15 minutes, this could really screw up my schedule for the rest of the day. Hoping the rest of the day doesn't continue along this theme.

So lesson learned, if you need any flexibility in your train travel don't book an advanced ticket.


2 thoughts on “Train Rant

  1. It’s the same man! Seriously he could have sold me a change of ticket fare for £30 but said he would only do the full price fare or get off at Taunton. Maybe he gets a cut from the cafe kiosk?

  2. Add to that, Taunton station is hardly the nicest of places to be hanging out is it?

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