4th June Friday Backchat – weekend is nearly here

Yeah it’s Friday…how relieved am I! It’s been pretty hard work both on a work and personal’n’ family level.My poor darling husband has had some tummy upset for the last three days – I argue passionately that it wasn’t down to my roast chicken on Monday because both DD and I both ate it – but then I have a cast iron belly…but babe was OK. So I’ve had two children to look after this week – not much different to any other week then 😉 He’s not discovered my blog yet so I can say this without recriminations, but I know he’ll catch up with it soon – it’s no secret to him as I leave all my note pads with drafts of posted littered all around the house.  

The DD has also been suffering this week with teething and  has been a real mardy bum – throwing a hissy fit any time she doesn’t get her own way. But I guess we all get a bit grumpy when we’re not feeling well.

Work has been very busy, with a full day out at Stevenage yesterday, which was very productive despite getting thrown off the train by the grumpy train manager because I was asking questions and being a time waster. What I’m most miffed about, was in this case I really was being a good girl, I’d bought my full price ticket and I wasn’t trying to cause trouble…which makes a change on the trains to be honest. “You should complain”, said my mum – like I’ve got the time and can really bothered with getting into a debate with the train company.


And I feel a bit guilty to be honest about my recent train exploits, recently I went on some long trips up to Birmingham NEC paying only a portion of the fare by buying a ticket just to the next stop (as my destination had no ticket barriers). Karma came and got me on that day though, as I was rushing out of the train station to catch a taxi home I got the heels of my best knee high suede boots stuck in the drainage channel. Not just one heel, but both at the same time. I was stuck trying to balance, unable to just slip my feet out of my shoes, with the heels firmly wedged in the tiny holes. I had to ask a passerby (one of the many very entertained observers) to let me lean on him, while I unzipped and took my boots off. I really mashed up the heels as I yanked them out of the tight metal hole. I wasn’t so bothered about the fact that everyone had seen me in peak time outside the train station make a fool of myself, but more that I had screwed up the heels on my Russell & Bromley boots – I daren’t say how much they cost. Luckily Mr Minute the cobbler did a fine job of repairing them for a nominal price.

I’m pleased to report that the garden is growing well, despite DD repeatedly sitting on the one remaining courgette plant. Check out how well my tomato plants are doing – no blite yet 🙂

Picture 002

Looking forward to the weekend now, not sure what we’re going to do. We did originally plan to go work clothes shopping in Bristol for my hubby….yawn yawn, it’s always so dull and not easy with a toddler. Then we talked about going to a tent show to see some Dutch inflatable tents…but with hubby having been ill, that might change things a bit.

 Have a nice weekend.



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