Weatherman got it wrong again – yeah

Yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect if we’d planned it, if you don’t count staying up till late getting house insurance quotes.

In fact if we had planned the day in advance you could guarantee that it wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable. As one of my pessimistic friends might say, always start with low expectations and then it can only get better.

Anyway, what might have been a day of just nipping to hubby’s aunt and uncles for a quick coffee, while picking up babe’s Easter egg, and returning home for an afternoon of housework – turned out to be so much better.  Partly due to the weatherman’s mistake of forecasting bad weather to keep away the hoarding half term holiday makers and day trippers. What is it about the weather forecaster’s ability to get the forecast right? I’m surrounded by people who worked in that line of business…so I’m going to keep moaning quiet on this one 😉IMG_1408

No cooking for me – yeah! We all decided that given that the weather could be a bit iffy, that we would go and have a Carvery instead. If you’ve ever been to a carvery and are a bit of a greedy pig like me, you’ll know that there’s an art to seeing how much you can get on your plate and then navigating back to your seat without leaving a trail of evidence. Piling up as much vegetables and stuffing balls over your meat as you can, slopping oodles of gravy and then toping with a giant Yorkshire pudding. Then there is the challenge of eating it, where to start first – in fact there is usually no space to cut anything up, so you splash gravy on the table or one of your stuffing balls rolls on the floor. If you’re also anything like me, where you’ve been brought up to finish everything on your plate, the next challenge is to actually prove that your eyes are not bigger than your belly and eat it all – leaving you somewhat bloated (and maybe a bit gassy) for the rest of the day.

Then when I’d finished off everyone’s left over’s (I can’t help asking hubby – are you leaving that potato…might I???), we headed off down to Sidmouth beach to navigate through the oldies to find the small patch of sand for babe to play in. At least she has got past the stage of just eating handfuls of sand at the beach, now she just dashes fearlessly into the crashing waves. As you can see, she had great fun!


Babe’s day was nicely rounded up by finishing off a jar of Lancashire hotpot (that she loves) in between mouthfuls of chocolate Easter egg – it’s amazing what food combinations float her boat…lol.

My day was rounded off by searching out the best contents insurance quote…not half as enjoyable.


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