What is it about men’s 80/20 rule of equal housework? Wheres the equality in that?

If you’re both working full-time, it should be an even split on the chores shouldn’t it??? Of course! BUT, when is that the reality? Often the woman does 80% and the man does 20%  – where is the fairness in that?

Us women usually have to battle with our partners to get them to get anywhere near close to pulling their lazy asses off surfing the net (or what is their project of the moment) to do their half of the household chores. There are so many of my friends who are in this position.  The problem is, when you’ve been at home with young babies, our partners get used to us doing the housework. When I returned to work it took a while for hubby to get used to the fact that I couldn’t do everything around the house that I used to be able to, we had a fair few arguments about this – until he woke up to the fact of how much I was doing and that I couldn’t sustain all this on my own. Coming across as the super woman all the time doesn’t always do us any favors, in my view a mini meltdown is necessary and sometimes unavoidable to be honest.

We’ve made good progress in our house over recent months, hubby is definitely more active in playing his part in doing the household chores. This is partly because I leave it to get so bad sometimes that he simply can’t bear it. He has his pet hates, like dirty windows – that I don’t seem to really notice. And because I’m absolutely rubbish at cleaning windows and leave streaks he insists on doing it – oh what a shame. Then there is the vacuuming, he is a perfectionist and I am, well – totally NOT. When I vacume I’m not half as thorough as he is, and I have no wish to be…or else he might stop doing it. Get my drift?

For the first time I recently got hubby cleaning the toilets….shock horror. I had let them get so bad he simply couldn’t put up with it anymore. Yes it was gross, but I was soooo busy I just couldn’t find the time and put it high enough up on my list of priorities.

My problem is that I work from home, so it’s argued that its easier to do little jobs – which is true. But I work, don’t sit around all day watching Jeremy Kyle or Oprah, so really putting the washing machine on is as much as I have time for – or could justify for that matter.

I think we are currently on about a 70/30 ratio…so some way to go yet!


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