11th June Friday Backchat – Off to Belfast

Its been a nice steady week, the veggie’s are doing well and we’ve done some baking;  and of course almost a full week at work – except for this afternoon off as we’re flying out to Belfast to visit Dubbey Do (my mum, her prefered name to Grandma). This week we also had a guest blogger, my friend Amy from Texas – more will be coming from Amy in the future (she’s promised).

First of all a BIG ol thanks to the people who have been checking out the blog and making comments, please keep it up and feel free to pass the link onto anyone else you might thinks interested. Now we’ve moved to a new host its MUCH easier to follow, you just find the top button on the right hand tool bar below the title ‘Email subscription’ and click on it – then you just enter your basic details and ‘Bob’s your uncle’, you get notified every time a new post is put up!    

Football Crazy
I had to share this with you – its nuts! Next door but one, are taking patriotism too far  for the world cup – pleased I don’t live over the road from them. 

How not to decorate your house

Steady Week at Work
I’ve been glad to get a bit of a quieter time this week – all home office based…sitting on the kitchen table watching the birdies in the garden, and doing some work (funnily enough). At last I’ve been able to get my head down and do some of the writing that has been mounting up over the last couple of weeks and work on our annual UK conference. Also had another meeting about progressing the company’s corporate blog on Monday, now we’ve got to win the marketing director over (which could be a toughie). 

Potatoes Going Mad
As I no longer have a house rabbit to munch away at the garden, I’ve started growing veggies in gro bags and compost bags etc, I’m really pleased with how well my potatoes are doing – not sure when I need to pull them out though? Do you know how tall the stalks should be? If you could let me know if you do, I’d really appreciate that. 

My potatoes and the babe

Only a Bit O Baking
Every week I like to bake a least one cake, in an attempt to try not to just gorge on chocolate and crisps in the evening – home-made cake seems to be a marginally healthier option. And more importantly I just lurve baking. We made cup cakes this week, lemon ones from Rachel Allen’s baking book – missing one egg (as I only had one left which I didn’t realize until half the mixture has been wizzed up in the food mixer) – doh! Anyway a splash of milk did the trick in the end. DD also enjoys baking too, more for the raw cake mixture that she can smear her chops with, or the opportunity to interfere. The other week we ended up with Garam Masala in the carrot cake, not that Mr Fussy (hubby) noticed and he does have quiet refined taste buds. 

DD tucking into cup cake mixture 

Lemon cup cakes
Off to Belfast this afternoon
Clocking off at lunch today as we are all flying out to Belfast this afternoon to visit Claire the Pear and Jerry the Berry (one of my hubbys nicer nick names for my mum and step dad).  Just over for the weekend, for a flying visit – literally. She’s baked a chocolate cake with her flying saucer cooker (what ever that is) special for our visit, I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve tried it. Mum hasn’t got the best of histories when it comes to cooking. Ah that’s not fair I guess, its more the savory cooking that she’s crap at – I recall many an odd concoction when I was a kid, like Kipper Korma. She’d always say “its divine” – me and my sis learned to go with caution when mum said ‘divine’ about her cooking 😉 

Claire the Pear is an illustrator - this is one of her sample images

Have a great weekend, hope you get good weather!



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