She tried to kill us…by driving into on coming traffic

Yesterday, hubby babe and I flew over to Belfast to visit my mum and step dad, the flight itself was uneventful and babe slept through the whole experience – I wish I could say that about the journey from the airport to their house about 15 miles out from the airport. Hair raising might be an understatement – mum’s driving has definitely deteriorated.

First we got to the release barriers and they wanted us to go back and pay an extra £2 – this was just for the extra time duration from the pay machine inside the building, to getting in the car and driving out. I guess partly it was my fault for faddling around putting in the car seat right, and how pleased am I? I’m so glad I was insistent on getting it all secure before she lurched off to hit the Friday rush hour traffic.

After hubby had dashed back to the pay machine to top up the ticket with the extra £2, all while mum blocked the traffic to the second exit….”they can get round me” she kept saying…but THEY where not happy. I was cringing.

It was driving out of the airport that was the scariest, mum clearly thought it was a one way system and headed off in the right hand lane, she wouldn’t listen to our pleas about getting over until we yelled – there’s a car coming towards us. Hubby who was sat in the front with her nearly had to yank the wheel over to save us from our premature death.

It didn’t get that much better from there, the whole experience was somewhat erratic.

I’ve asked Jerry (step dad) if he is driving today, I’d like to live a little longer if possible 🙂


One thought on “She tried to kill us…by driving into on coming traffic

  1. Surfer Girl says:

    Lmoa… I love ur mum, and also got a flashback of us stood up in the back of the pickup all holding onto the bars for dear life as we hurtled through the back lanes of the shire!!

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