Hanging out with the dogs

I’ve just come back from a weekend with the dogs, two rescued Staffordshire bull terrier mixes called Tiger and Satcha – they provided great entertainment during the family’s stay with my mum and stepdad in the County Antrim countryside just outside Belfast. As dog lovers, we’ve now had our dog fix for a while and for me its been great to watch the interaction between hubby and DD as the dogs go about their bussiness…sometimes unsavory business.
Babe getting hand licks from Satcha


Lets start with Tiger, also know as Teddy or Teddy Tiger – formerly Tyson. Renamed upon rehoming with mum, as she couldn’t bear to be calling out Tyson every time she had to beckon him. He’s the underdog of the house – deaf, sleepy and slow, but very lovable. Official job is ‘the love dog’ as he’s no longer up to the job of guarding the property. Hubby started off the weekend feeling sorry for Tiger, secretly giving him a large portion of left over roast lamb on Friday night. The randy little so and so, returned the token of affection by repeatedly trying to mount and jirate on his leg the next day – hubby was not best pleased, so Tiger fell out of favor.

Babe chasing Satcha

Then there is Satcha, sort for Satchel (odd name I know, that’s mums choice) – formerly Sasha, again mum changed her for the same reason as I’ve already mentioned earlier. She is a real live wire, young and generally full of her self but BIG on affection – licking in particular. She is the recent addition to the household and has been appointed as the guard dog, although I think she’d only lick burglars to submission unless of course they wanted to steal either her food or her toys, not sure they would see the value in a yellow soft toy duck. We got strict instructions upon arrival, don’t let DD take Satcha’s toys….grrrr! Seriously, we had to be on the watch out big time. But DD absolutely loved Satcha, mostly due to her constant licking – babe would dash up to Satcha holding out her hands in front of Satcha’s snout knowing that she would get a good licking. It was hilarious, DD also tried this with Tiger a couple of times but he just looked on sleepily thinking “what do you want me for?” Hubby was also taken by Satcha’s loving licking, bit didn’t squeal in delight like DD – thank goodness, then we would have been worried. This was all until mum told him that Satcha likes to lick Tigers willy – yuk, he recoiled and kept Satcha’s licking well away from him then on.


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