Please, no P in the OOL – eeewwww!

Amy, a regular guest blogger on here lives in Texas, works full time and is the mother of two boys – tells us about her recent P OOL experience.

Ahhh, summer in Texas…that means hot. And when it’s hot, we go swimming. Given that we hit the 100-degree mark already, we’ve spent many afternoons/evenings up at the community pool in our neighborhood. The kids cool off while mom finds a great place in the shade to sip some iced coffee and watch all the activity.

Amy's two boys

There was some activity yesterday, let me tell you! It was late in the day – around 5:30 or so – and very few people at the pool – say around 15. My kids were off doing their thing and I was just relaxing watching it all happen. I noticed that there were 3 or 4 very young children (18mos or less) playing on the steps in the shallow water. There was one little one in particular whose mom kept pulling her out and taking her to the restroom. Marveling at the fact that such a little tot was potty trained already, I took a quick look at the others to see if they were wearing a swim diapers…not a one of them! Not to panic – I’m sure their responsible, young, parents took them to the restroom and made SURE they did their business before they got in the water, right?

Now, you’ve probably seen those signs around pool areas before…”welcome to the OOL, let’s keep the P out of it” or something similar. Cute, right? Well there was nothing cute about what came next – and the P in the OOL wasn’t pee at all! Read on…

Turns out this little girl who was going to the restroom over and over again wasn’t potty trained at all! The mom knew full well what was coming, and just minutes later, she’s hauling her out again, this time with a full load in her suit. I wasn’t imagining it – could see it plain as day about to burst out the leg holes.

I was shocked and grossed out – didn’t know what to do. Scream out for all to hear? “Clear the pool – the baby pooped in the pool!” Have words with the mother? “For goodness sake, spend the ten bucks and buy a swim diaper lady!” The mother knew I’d seen the whole thing, because when she and the tot emerged from the restroom many many minutes later, she quickly hustled right past me with a sheepish look on her face and whisked the child off to the other side of the pool. You can’t tell me she thoroughly cleaned and sanitized that little bikini in the ladies room! EEEEWWWWWW!

No, no, I bit my tongue, it was time for us to leave anyway. So I steered my kiddos to the stairs in non-contaminated waters, we gathered our things and headed for home. It’s going to be a hot one this weekend, so let’s hope for better pool etiquette this weekend – and I beg you – please keep the P out of the OOL!

What would you have done?


2 thoughts on “Please, no P in the OOL – eeewwww!

  1. […] was nearly promoted to number one criminal. But unlike the mum that Amy talked about in her post (no P in the OOL) Little Legs was fully trussed up with a swim nappy. My e-bay used-once washable Boots nappy […]

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