Friday backchat – attack of the bees, long armed toddler reaches for the door and breadmaker ginerbread

My babe has opened the door onto a swarm of bees feasting on gingerbread, playing all the ring tones on my new (second-hand Blackberry) while some are contemplating suicide – that’s this week in a nutshell (well kinda) …

Long armed babe can now open the door
OMG the super tall babe has no figured if she can stretch out fully, she can slip the tip of her fingers over the door handle and pull it down – eeeekkkk. Her almost talking has also really taken off this week, its soo cute – constantly running around shouting dada dada – but what about me I’m thinking, what about mama mama? I guess the milk machine is just taken for granted.

Babe has also found her inner humous love again!

A swarm of bees has taken over my living room
The infernal sound of the crowd noise coming from the football playing on the TV is starting to send me loopy, how long is it till the World Cup ends? Hubby is not a mad footie fan, but entertains it totally during world cup season, much to my misery. He even turns it on if he comes home at lunch time – that’s instead of watching ‘Loose Women’ – he he. I’m not bothered by the fact that this is taking dominance over our TV viewing, it’s the sound like a swarm of bees has invaded our living room that drives me round the bend.

Breadmaker Gingerbread
The baking highlight for this week is Gingerbread made in my breadmaker, its so easy and so yummy. If you’ve got a breadmaker, you must try it! My Fussy (hubby) is not so keen though, all the better for babe and me 🙂Breadmaker Gingerbread...yummy

At least I wasn’t suicidal after my day in the office
Yesterday I spent the day in the Bristol office, something I usually enjoy because I get to catch up on all the latest gossip. I even like the drive up and back because I get to listen to music full blast and not have to think about anything else – no pressure to be the multitasking queen. The poor guy on the Avonmouth bridge obviously hadn’t been doing so well as the police tried to coax him over the ledge from taking his own life as I drove past at 3pm. Although I’d not been that far of meeting a sticky ending  during my drive up, this was after being in fits of giggles while listening to Alan Carr (the very camp squeaky comedian) on the Chris Moyles Radio 1 breakfast show.

This weekend – second year wedding anniversary and fathers day
I can’t believe it was two years ago since we got wed, how time has flown. After getting married in semi secret at the local registry office with just a couple of old people as witnesses on the way to the library, we flew out to Tuscany in Italy for two weeks baking in the sun – it was sooo hot, not nice when you’re pregnant. The trip was full of troubles too, I lost my purse, hubby reversed the high car into a wall, we got locked out of our hotel one night and had to break back in – then about a year later we got a traffic fine for driving in the wrong lane in Verona. Not quite the relaxing honeymoon we had hoped for, but it was memorable 😉

Sunday should have been a nice day doing something special, but it looks like we have to go to Bristol to exchange our tent which we’ve just sold on ebay. We’re getting a special inflatable new one from Holand next week, can’t wait! So camping is probebly on the cards for next weekend -yeah.

Enjoy the weather this weekend, looks like its gonna be nice (I hope it is where ever you are).



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