Blogging for a month – I’ve got a life HONEST – find out why I do it.

If you asked me six months ago my view on people who blog, I’d tell them to get a LIFE. Eh hem…I’d argue I do have a life and have since reevaluated my view on bloggers and blogging itself. It is amazingly therapeutic and for me there are some bigger reasons. The largest being work – and the need to research the concept so I can look to introduce a corporate blog on the companies website.

“if you want to be seen as the company expert on blogging you are going to do your own blog you know” said my colleague Mark. I knew he was right (anoyingly, he often is), I’d been thinking about it but really needed someone to spell it out for me – to kind of rationalize my personal time on this. So I view it as important to learn how to write bloggy stylie and how to get followers…I’m a bit slow on the up take on the followers I will admit.

Ha this is my chance, maybe you could follow me – just click on the email subscription button on the top of the right hand tool bar and put in your details. Please?

I do have my own personal reasons, working from home can be quite insular and I don’t get chance to mix with other mums or people for that matter – although I email lots of people and chat to people on the phone, via skpye and conf call too – so its a substitute to socializing in some ways. It does sound sad, and I guess in some ways it is – but its just another way of trying to help me in the balance of my life between work and being the mother I want to be.

So please help me in my learning process, by following me and passing on the link to my blog to others. Your comments are also very much welcome.

Thank you

p.s I’d really welcome any feedback you have on the blog so far – good is best, but healthy criticism is also very welcome. It will give my mum a break, who is the ever constant honest critic. She kept telling me the blog needed more humour, that’ s until I posted about her bad driving 😉


5 thoughts on “Blogging for a month – I’ve got a life HONEST – find out why I do it.

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    When one is at the brunt of someone elses humour (note the “u” – this is not America -yet) it never is quite so funny, but hey, twill be someone elses turn next time and thank you Surfer Girl (that was) for your kind remeniscences (ooh I can’t spell that) – I love you too.

  2. Claire Duberry says:

    But apart from that it is sounding really good .

  3. Barbs says:

    I am impressed, however I haven’t followed any other blogs ever before so perhaps I am not the best to judge. However, the content is interesting and the humour improving – are you sure you aren’t in training for standup? On a personal level I enjoy the photos, keep them coming!

  4. Mark says:

    as for feedback suggest adding pictures to each blog. Abstract is good for this. Take a keyword from your blog and search on free picture sites adding the result.

    Perhaps wordpress has a plugin for this.
    Or a daily pic of Ava. That’s prob better – she’s quite a little person now.

    Mark ( the annoyingly right one )

  5. Thanks for the feedback Claire, Barbs and Mark – its all good stuff.

    Sorry for the late response – only just figured out how to post comments on my own bloggy wog wog.

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