Celabrating wedding anniversary with a MacDonalds in the motorway service station carpark

It doesn’t sounds like the most romantic way of celebrating your second year wedding anniversary, and before I had babe I would have been seriously ****ed off! And while there was no obviously romanticism in it except for my statement of ‘happy wedding anniversary’ – it was perfect.

The orginal plan went to the wall, as it usually does when you have little ones to think of. We were going to go for a nice meal in Bristol in one of a favorite restaurants on the waterfront. But babe was not playing ball yesterday, after spending some time shopping, we soon realised that he patience with our ‘boring adult activities’ was wearing thin. So we decided to call it a day at noon and head home, after balling her head off for a while in the car (that’s babe not me), she at last went to sleep – covered in pain au chocolate and dried dates. And we did a BIG sigh of relief.

As all was quiet we hatched a new plan, to enjoy lunch in peace as she slept. That meant finding somewhere to eat quick – hail to MacDonalds just off the motorway. It was a quiet occasion as we baked in the car in the summer sun munching away on our Big Meaty burgers and fries. But it was one of those rare moments where we could just sit together in peace, just enjoying each others company passing by time asking trivial questions like – ‘do the fries already have salt on them?’ and ‘you sure you don’t want that last bit…may I?’ Yep I am the walking human dustbin.

Last night hubby did confess that he felt guilty because we had not done anything special, but for me (being unusually easy to please) this was just enough.


One thought on “Celabrating wedding anniversary with a MacDonalds in the motorway service station carpark

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    Loved it! Keep it coming like this and we may have another Lucy Mangan.

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