The secret hoarder, a result of when a hoarder and minimalist live together

I confess I am a secret hoarder, and that’s because my hubby is a stubborn minimalist – so I find secret ways of hoarding things. These items sometimes ‘reappear’ several months later or may just be stored away until I can find a suitable home for the item.

Hoarding in action!

My current problem is, I’ve got very few options for secret hoarding at the moment as the current rented property we live in has limited hoardy hiding holes. I don’t even have my own car boot, which used to be my prime hoardy hiding place – under my lock and key. Mostly things were kept in there until I found a friend who wanted the item, like an old video player that only played and didn’t record, or random CDs and books that we didn’t want anymore.

It drives me crazy, every now and again hubby declares that its time to sort out the cupboards – alarm bells ring in my head. Admittedly by this point they are usually rammed full of all kinds of random ‘keepers’. But I dread those days never the less. He’s a stubborn little so and so and so was I. But now I’m just sneaky, I nearly said smart, but well, I’m not that good at the secret hoarding thing yet. Not all things he says should be thrown in the bin, go to the refuse men – I just choose my arguments carefully. Assesing if the item can be easily salvaged afterwards and if it something that I am really bothered about – he does give in if I push hard enough.

More 'keepers'

BUT when things get put in the bin, somehow they find their way out…oh I wonder?

Sometimes some of the items I keep , just in case they come in handy, or for sentimental value – but often I do eventually realize that I was being rather stupid and throw away or donate to charity. But there are other times (in my defence) when hubby is wishing he hadn’t thrown something out, that I can miraculously show has reappeared – and then he is very grateful to me. Sadley this is not so much the case.

Roll on the day when we get our own house again with more storage space for my secret hoarding!

Are you a secret hoarder, or do you live with one?


One thought on “The secret hoarder, a result of when a hoarder and minimalist live together

  1. Barbs says:

    OOps I think hoarding is a family trait… there is no choice it is is in our genes. Hey ho sis I am a hoarder too! Other half always says ” It may come in handy” and so it often does just not straight away.

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