Sling alert – 5% discount code for slings at

Hey, I wanted to share this with you – a 5% discount code from the lovely Debi at Slumber Roo – the online sling and soft baby carrier reseller. She said any of you ladies could use it during 2010.

Reference: BLOOM

Sling Alert
I’ve got sadder, it’s a deteriorating condition I’m afraid (and catching too so don’t get too close). I am now on ‘official sling alert’ – I can’t help checking out people’s set up when I see them out and about with a sling. I was sad enough to approach a lady on the london underground the other week who had her 17 month old in a Baba Sling, which I might add she loved. We actually had a really lovely conversation about how great slings are – even her hubby joined in. Not what you would expect on your journey along the Central Line.


One thought on “Sling alert – 5% discount code for slings at

  1. […] Local sling companies, Slumber-Roo (don’t forget about the post with details of the 5% discount code) and Natural Nursery, have kindly donated various slings and the group will be offering both a […]

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