Friday Backchat – Cider Summer Evenings and Football Frustration

It’s been fantastic summer weather and we’ve enjoyed great evening of walks in the park and drinks of cider. The downside has been the football – read on to find out more…

Arn’t summer evenings great? We’re into Cider at the moment, partly because it’s on special offer at the supermarket and works out cheaper than wine. We’ve also taken to walking to the park as a family after tea (diner or what ever you like to call it) which is great for totally tiring babe out and prevents cabin fever setting in.

Clumsy clot does it again. People who know me well, understand what a hazard I can be to have around sometimes. Lock away your precious items, she’s coming to stay. We bought some brand new expensive mugs at the weekend, to replace two that babe had broken. Just five days in and I managed to chip one while dashing to wash the dishes up in super quick time. I was so angry with myself, and hubby was not pleased yesterday morning when he found the damaged item. I was considering blaming it on babe – but she is an all or nothing kinda gal – she’s not refined enough just to chip a mug, its smashed or nothing at all.

When is the football going to end? I must admit, when England won on Wednesday I did get kind of drawn in. But the other matches I really don’t give a damn about, sadly hubby does – argh kill me now! I can’t even argue that there is other decent TV onto watch, that is going to rival the footie. No Ashes to Ashes, Luther, Old Tricks – not even a decent cooking series. The only upside is that I have extra time for blogging writing in the evenings.

My weekly baking fix has been banana cake (with raisins and pecans) and a Madera cake – the later was not so great, as it turned out a bit too dense. Rather than just softening the butter in the microwave, it was half runny. The first veggies are on the stems, a courgette  and some tomatoes. The aubergine and potato plants are even starting to flower. So harvest time soon, that’s if babe doesn’t get to them first and bite them off.

Work has been MANIC, yet quite enjoyable and satisfying apart from getting dragged into a stupid argument about how we name our distributors/resellers/sales agents. Its amazing how much time something like that can eat up. I have been trying my hardest to side step getting involved, because it’s not my area and to be quite frank – it’s not my place to stick my nose in. That’s my work gripe this week, people who have delusions of grandeur in the workplace and want to stick their noses into everyone’s business. Sometimes I just want to say, shut up, keep out – know your place! I don’t think some people have enough REAL work to keep them busy for the whole day – instead they must meddle in others business. Grrrr


2 thoughts on “Friday Backchat – Cider Summer Evenings and Football Frustration

  1. Maek says:

    You do make me laugh.
    Keep it up…

    Footie practically banned in our house.
    When asked if watching on Sunday my wifes retort was ‘and waste good quality time with your children…’
    how can I argue against that.
    Will jus need to be more cunning and not be up front with my plans.
    Fingers crossed will see it / but she is right. There are more Important things … So won’t be too upset if busy with family time on the sun… Let’s see!
    Hope YOU enjoy the footie!

  2. Sounds like your wife has it sorted…I hate to agree, but she is right yes 😉

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