Camping with a young toddler: an encounter with the sick-ups

I had visions of hubby and I pulling our hair out just after a few hours camping with our toddler…and I was so relieved to realise that I’d built it up to be some stressful thing that it’s not. I thought it would be much more hard work than camping with a baby. But no, it’s easier (in most respects)…honestly, I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes on this one, it really can be quite relaxing – at times ūüėČ The last trip was not necessarily the best example of stress free todlder camping though…so take this next bit with a pinch of salt, I can’t image this happens that often.

We went camping at the end of April with our babe who was 17 months old at the time and it was brilliant Рapart from a few hiccups (or sick-ups) due to illness. DD had sickness and squits for a couple of days, puking up all over me, the car, car seat and tent Рvarious times.

It honked, thank goodness we took plenty of cleaning stuff. I seemed to spend half my time during the first half of the week scrubbing away at sicky stains. 

We did cop-out¬†a bit and drove home for one night (which luckily was only about 30 mins away – and there’s¬†a tip for you, be close to home)¬†because she had basically sicked¬†all over her bed and bed-clothes and we had nothing left to keep her warm – so we dived in the car at 9.30pm and took refuge back at home for an evening. BUT we returned the next day and had a fantastic time (apart from poor hubby, who for the last night spent a lot of time with the same issue in the toilet block). But babe soon forgot about feeling queasy and was running around in the field sticking her nose into everyone else’s business.


It’s amazing what intrusions toddlers can get away with, without being offensive. Like standing and staring at someone putting their tent up for 10 minutes. You would be surprised at how long they can keep themselves entertained for given plenty of open space and people to watch.

The key is to definitely get toddlers involved, do little jobs like carry stuff for you – and they can be quite helpful at times even.

Off camping for another week¬†with babe¬†in July, so¬†hopefully I’ll be able to share some of my tips with you then. After the previous week’s experience in April, I’m not sure I’m ready to be advising you of the top tips quite yet.


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