Drama with the giant dutchman at the fire station – last night’s excitement!

At tea time last night there was a knock on the door. “Who the hell is that,” I asked. You see we don’t get many visitors, and I was really hoping by a small chance that it might have been the delivery of our new tent from Holland – turns out it was. Yeah, this was going to put an end to our heated debate about who was going to answer the door if the delivery man turned up today while I was in the middle of hosting my first live webinar to 30+ aerospace engineers.

But it wasn’t as simple as a delivery man just turning up and dropping off the items, this was a drop off we were not going to forget. Anyways, back to it. Hubby went to the door, turns out the dutch giant didn’t speak much english “Ugg, is this you?” pointing to a piece of paper with our names on it. “Ugg, tent, follow,” as he pointed up the road. So off hubby duly trotted hot on the heels of the truck driver, to see that he had pulled up on the main road and left his big articulated lorry. He proceeded to jump in the cab (without saying a word to hubby apparently) and drive the truck into the main entrance of the fire station. This is a very busy, fully working fire station, I should add. As you could imagine the fire men were not happy and neither was hubby who felt helpless. Hubby was stood there thinking (and saying to me on the phone) “What the ****!”

The scene of the crime - the fire station forecourt

The truck pulled up and explained that hubby needed to take this crate off the back of the lorry, on his own. All while the whole fire crew peered out the window of the station in horror, beckoning him to get out the way. Then the fire chief came out to see what was going on. Hubby in a frantic need to cover his own ass, spilled out the story about how this random guy had turned up on our doorstep and called him over to his lorry to deliver his new tent. And how he didn’t speak any English and was so sorry for this, and didn’t know what to do. Luckily the fire chief helped hubby unload the crate with the tent on it and the dutch giant rolled off without a word – so that’s it, hubby though. We pay a fortune for this tent and this is how it gets delivered?

Anyhow, in the meantime, I’m busy getting babe dressed from watering the plants in the garden (one yogurt pot at a time) and readying myself for the phone call. Then I dive in the car to go and save hubby from the fire crew scorns, as he is stood at the entrance with a great pile of boxes looking all forlorn.

So we now have our new tent, yay! And we are off camping at the weekend. I really hope its everything we thought it would be, it cost enough.

Hoping there are no unexpected surprises today, because as I said, I’m hosting my first webinar – well two actually, for different time zones.Should be fun, as long as we have no delivery men turn up at the door while I’m mid flow…eekk!


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