The shame – my toddler bit another child – its time to crack down

I honestly feel really ashamed that my daughter the other day bit another child at the same time as hitting this little girl over the head with a toy while at the childminders. In fact until I spoke to my friend Ev yesterday, I wasn’t sure about sharing this with you, because I felt somehow like a failure – but she made me feel so much better.

Recently babe has been going through a phase of really testing the boundaries and it seems we have not been tough enough on her. Hmm, now its crack down time. Hubby was the worst, if she was being naughty like biting him he usually, said ‘no’ but laughed afterwards and then shouted to me, like another child “she’s being naughty”. I did explain that this was not acceptable, he was an adult and more importantly a parent too – and she needed to also respect his discipline. I didn’t drive it home enough though it seems. I’m no angel though, I had been too soft it seems, I did tell her off, say it was naughty but that was not far enough for her really to understand.

So after Brenda the childminder told us about what happened the other day, we’ve started to crack down and introduce the ‘naughty step’ – and its making a difference already with her behaviour. It’s also had a great impact on getting daddy to step up to the mark on discipline, he’s taken it very seriously and is doing all the right things now, and so am I. Or are we? I just hope we are, seems that its working and I don’t think we are being too harsh – she’s still a little child after all.

Ev made me feel so much better, she explained that people at her little girl’s nursery are doing this all the time. Not that anyone finds it acceptable, but just to reassure me that my babe is not the devil reincarnate.

I do so want my daughter to grow up to be a sensitive, caring and compassionate person – biting and hitting…not exactly caring is it?


One thought on “The shame – my toddler bit another child – its time to crack down

  1. […] How strict or soft should I be? I’d always thought that I would go down the route of being super strict. But with little ones, that would often mean telling them off 90% of the time, and that’s no way to encourage and help a little person grow. So I admit, I’ve softened up a bit…I dunno maybe a lot. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and say no – even if it means a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. Particularly after the recent biting incident, see post here.  […]

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