Friday Backchat – Webinars, Bargains and First Harvest…now off camping for the weekend

 This week started (I always count the previous saturday as the start day) with a great day out at the beach. Babe has moved on from eating sand and got more eloquent in her culinary delights, now opting for seaweed and shells. I declined her fine offerings and stuck with the cheese muffin and carrot cake. On Sunday we then headed off to Topsham, a local historic estuary area, to feed the ducks. It should have been a relaxing experience, but it was actually rather threatening, babe nearly got swallowed by a swan and her arm broken by the geese. 

Here’s the start of my summer harvest of not so beautiful home-grown veg. Although I’m not happy, the ants have chewed two of the courgette flowers off their stalks. Another flower has come out today, fingers crossed this one doesn’t become victim to the beastly little ants. The courgette below seems to have been on the cream cakes, I’ve decided it’s time it stopped getting fat and was put in the pot. 

Babe and the courgete

Bargains and nappy time – It has been a bargain week for me, got a gorgeous top from Oasis at less than half price and grabbed myself some great deals on nappies on eBay. I’m pleased that we’ve also got rid of using disposable nappies at night-time. I started this when babe was younger, having two milk feeds a night – when I was too lazy to change the nappy. She’s not been waking up with a fully soaked nappy for some time, so I thought it was high time we moved back to the more cost-effective option of washables. 

Webinar Tastic – After two days of repeated rehearsals for my first hosting session for a webinar, I feel like my headset is now part of my skull. The webinars themselves went quite well, although I nearly got caught out by the postman turning up at the door wanting me to sign for a parcel just as I was about to start my intro. Turns out it was one of the eBay nappy bargains – of all things to disturb the webinar. Luckily I was sat by the window (because I needed a cable connection to the internet for a high-speed connection) and spotted his approach – below is a picture of my temporary office set-up for the webinars on the sofa, with a nice use of the toy box as a desk for one of the laptops. 

My living room webinar set-up 

Off camping this weekend – heading up to a campsite near Glastonbury to try out the new tent. Not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. Putting up a new big family tent for the first time is always a bit fraught. Last summer (when we first got the tent we’ve just sold) we argued for about three hours solid. Part of that was down to the fact that I’d forgotten the air bed and had to drive home at 7pm to pick it up, luckily we were only about 15 minutes away from the house. After a very stressful evening (as we went after work on Friday), we woke up to a thunder-storm. It was also a very cold night, despite the fact that it was June. Poor babe who was only about six months old at the time, and had to wear socks on her hands – they felt like ice blocks – but surprisingly she didn’t seem that bothered.

So hoping the weather stays decent and we all keep a cool head.

Have a great weekend.



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