The near camping disaster – what not to do. Buy an expensive blow up tent then purchase a cheap pump

At the weekend we headed up to a campsite nr Glastonbury to try out our new inflatable tent, all was not well though – in fact Friday afternoon/evening was an absolute nightmare. First of all, I’d forgotten to mention to the child minder not to let babe have a sleep before we picked her up mid afternoon, so she wailed all the way there. The one and half hours, seemed at least double that.

Then the inflatable tent, which was supposed to be pitched within 20 minutes had a fundamental issue, the pump I’d bought from Argos broke down one minute into the job! And no amount of dedicated puff would get that one up. Hubby at this point, who had already started the weekend tired and a bit grumpy; was getting to the point of despair, and was pretty much ready to pack up and go home. I was not going to give up that easily, so I went out on ‘the scrounge’.

It was time for me to pick up babe and do the sympathy walk and trawl round the site to the other campers and see if anyone had a car pump we could borrow. There was no way I was going to go home after that drive up! But we were in luck, and got two in the end.

Once the tent was up things just seemed to get better and better. After a trip to the local fish and chips shop and a bottle of wine, we were suitably relaxed again – apart from babe who was determined not to sleep until gone 10pm. The next day we had great weather and generally spent our time hanging out at the playground, eating ice cream and pretending to be sheep and chickens. I might had, that was not because we had been on the sauce and were drunk (ahh not like the old days) but out of necessity to keep babe entertained. I am proud to say that she now knows how to cluck and walk like a chicken – that’s gotta to be useful later on in life hasn’t it?

Babe and I outside part of our new tent

All in all, love the new tent – got lots of tent envy (after we’d actually got the darn thing up) and had a great weekend – rounded off by catching up with some friends when we got home on Sunday afternoon.

Now back to the grindstone of the week ahead at work. But then more camping next week as we head off to the New Forest – yeah!


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