AT WORK: Got less time but get more done – how does that work?

There is something about having less time, that focuses your mind on work to get more done. Before I had babe I was always doing overtime, fat chance now – full-time working puts enough pressure on things! Let alone doing extra in the evenings and stuff. I’ve actually found that I am much more productive at work because I don’t have that option to stay on later to get things done. When I started checking my emails in the evening the other night, babe just walked over and shut the laptop lid – as if to say “mummy your times mine now.” And she’s right, I wasn’t even waiting for an urgent response, it was just a cursory check. 

Knowing that I can’t work on till late, has made me so much more productive. The fact that I break my day up, by doing an hour or two at the crack of dawn and then resume later on in the morning for the main block of the day has also increased my output. 

The fact that I am always conscious of proving my worth to my colleagues keeps me focused too. It would be all to easy for the office bound 9-5ers to criticize my home working flexible hours set-up, and I know some do (but not to my face). There’s another post in the making…I’ll get to that another day. 

I used to work for a PR Consultancy where working late was standard practice, in fact you felt down right naughty if you left before 5.45pm, although you were never criticized. And looking back now, I don’t think it was good practice. We all used to spend far too much time standing round and chatting by the coffee machine not being as productive as we could have been.  No chance of that for me now, I have no one to chat to 😦 I haven’t even got the pet rabbit ‘peggy sue’ to chat to anymore. 

Peggy Sue - Oh we miss you!

In my case less is definitely more. How about you?


2 thoughts on “AT WORK: Got less time but get more done – how does that work?

  1. Maek says:

    What happened to peggy sue?
    Go the same way as Ollie and Suki did in our house?

    Pets are great especially prior to having kids, but are a real pain when don’t do as told 🙂

    • Yeah afraid, Peggy Sue had to be re-homed last year. Mainly because we felt guilty that she wasn’t getting enough attention – she was turning into a bit of a recluse!

      I think if she was around now babe would just terrorise her too.

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