Friday Backchat – I hate ants!

 I hate ants with a vengeance! The little blighter’s are hell-bent on making sure I don’t get anymore of a courgette crop. The horrible little critters put on a full-scale attack when a flower blooms, and just when I give a big sigh of relief that the flower is still attached to the stalk, the next morning I get up to find it face down in the mud all nibbled at. What am I gonna do? Big sis suggests I ‘hunt them down and kill em’. But I think they might be hiding out over the border (typical), under the fence in the neighbour’s garden. Any suggestions for this would be MUCH appreciated. 

The scene of ant destruction

It’s generally been quite a strange week, rather busy – I’m feeling a bit like I’ve overdone it to be honest. Don’t give me anymore more to do, or I might want to curl up into a little ball and roll myself behind the sofa not to be found. Work has been mixed, some quite rewarding bits mixed with some crappier stuff. Outside of work I have been dashing round like a blue arsed fly doing last-minute errands for our week-long camping trip starting on Saturday and meeting with friends and family.

Today is no exception, I have got up at literally the crack of dawn to do half a day’s work, before heading out with our friends and their kids. The plan is for them to go home put their kids to bed while we deal with our babe, pack the car, and then maybe they return to our house later for a takeaway and drinks. If I’m not exhausted enough by then, hubby is on about getting up really early tomorrow morning to miss the traffic. I remain skeptical about wether or not he will follow through on that – depends on how much of a boozy evening we have. I’m secretly hopeful that he’ll have a hang over and sleep in 😉 

I even managed to find time somewhere to make some dodgy looking banana muffins for babe – they look rather ominous but she loved them! 

The dodgy looking banana muffins

So I’m away next week, but never fear I have ways and means with which to keep up my regular musings! So please keep coming back and checking out the latest. 

Catch up with you soon.


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