Too young for the naughty step at 20 months – I don’t think so!

I know, I know, you might think 20 months is too young for the naughty step – I thought so too. But I tell you what, it’s not. Babe totally understands whats going on and knows what she has to do already – after using it only for a couple of weeks. To be honest the childminder has done all the hard work and has already got babe used to the idea – she also watches other kids being sent to the naughty corner, which I think aids her understanding.

After babe bit another child the other week (and pinned her down and hit her over the head at the same time) we have been a bit tougher. By no means the big nasty strict parents, just a little bit of the naughty step when she persists on doing something she knows she shouldn’t. Like pouring water on the carpet, or my flip-flops – when she knows that it’s not allowed and its wrong – because I’ve told her enough times before.

Even when we are out-and-about, and the bottom step of the stairs is not available, I just sit her down and face her the other way – and she knows. Sits and stays put, until I come back to get her. We have nice hug and then I suggest to her that she says sorry – but her vocab is not up to that yet.

So now babe is back to being my darling sweet-natured little daughter – except for the odd instances that call for 90 seconds on the naughty step!


One thought on “Too young for the naughty step at 20 months – I don’t think so!

  1. I just published a post on the use of ‘The Naugthy Step” myself. 🙂 I loved it when my oldest son was little (he’s 11 now). I also plan on using it when my baby turns 2. Nice to hear about other moms using it too. 🙂

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