Harassed by the loopy trooper old bird on the train again

You must have come across over friendly strangers in the street or on public transport just wanting a chat? Or maybe is it just me with my too friendly face that says ‘please talk to me’? The latest has been a buck toothed old bird that I call, ‘the loopy trooper’ – maybe a bit harsh I know.

Add to this – when you have dogs and kids, they seem to have this great effect of acting as a people chatting magnet, most of the time it’s quite nice, but there are occasions when you just don’t want it. I’ve encountered this old lady, the loopy trooper a couple of times when I’ve caught the early morning week day train into town just after my stop.

I made the mistake of being mildly polite to her when she first started up the chat a couple of weeks ago. Hmm, that’s a BIG regret – and I generally don’t do regrets (as I find them a waste of time and effort). Anyway, this particular time (the other week one day), she spots us from down the other end of the carriage. I’m doing my best to try to blend into the surroundings, not easy when you have a giant all terrain buggy and a toddler who is countering my efforts of camouflage by looking up and beaming her adoring smile to all around. Cute, but not what I wanted at the time. She’s heading over and I’m thinking, “no please, save me from the loopy trooper, buck toothed old bird.”

Babe at the train station

And I get the same old stories, about what train stations across the country have lifts installed in them and then how long it took for them to install a lift at the local train station. I could go on, but I’m boring you aren’t I? Well I was bored and so you should be too. It’s not just this, she seems to relish telling everyone on the train what to do. “Are you going to move your bags when we get to the station sir, they are blocking the door?” We are by this time only just leaving the previous station – give the poor guy a break.

Then it comes to getting off the train and I know she ALWAYS uses the lift. There is the option to go to the other end of the station and use the ramp, but that day I’d not got time for that detour. So I bite the bullet and shoot to the lift and she’s hot on my heels…here comes the lift story again…yawn. Luckily I managed to lose her in the mass of people going through the ticket check point and race up the road to the bank – phew, I’m free from the chitter chatter of the loopy trooper.

Ah, I’m all heart aren’t I? Well I do feel a bit guilty, she’s probably very lonely and is ceasing the opportunity to just have a bit of idle chat.  But I must admit, my last early morning trip into town last week, I made sure that we got a proper shuffle on and gOt out the door for the even earlier train instead – and phew she was not on. Alternatively I’m thinking of taking the sling and dumping the buggy at home – so we can cower down in a seat and try to stay hidden for the duration of the journey.


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