How dare they park in the parent and child space! The story of “Mr M”

People who park in the parent and child space that don’t have young kids make me seriously irate! Picture a fruzzy haired brunette holding a toddler with steam pouring out of her ears, readying herself to ‘have words’ with the said individual – you get the image I’m sure.

It’s the stuck record again, ‘before I had babe’, I knew there was a good reason for these big parking spaces, but I didn’t realize HOW good this reason really was. Until you have to do the weekly shop with a little babe/young child (or multiples), the appreciation for the importance of the extra large parking spaces located close to the door is not fully understood.

For those without kids, let me very briefly explain. When you are getting a child out of a car seat, you NEED to have the car door wide open. Park within 1.5 feet of my perimeter at your peril!

We were chatting about this again in the office the other day, and one of my male colleagues gleefully told this story. I’ll call him Mr M, for this example (as that’s the initial of his first name). One night Mr M parked in the parent and child parking space, it was about 10pm (he says, but is there a bit of fish syndrome going on there). Anyway 10pm it was, by all accounts and he was approached by a mother, who gave him a big ‘telling-off’ about how he shouldn’t be there, and how would he like it if his car door was bashed by the door of a car with the owner trying to get their kids out.

Mr M was then soo proud to announce how he retorted to this woman. “Yeah, I told her – what sane woman brings her kids out at this time of night.” And a lot more, might I add about her being a stupid woman etc.

The thing is, Mr M has actually had kids of his own. Admittedly they are all grown up now. I think if Mr M’s wife heard this, she would put him in his place – she’s renowned for that you see. But doesn’t he remember having a child that wouldn’t sleep because they are teething, or the young baby that can’t differentiate between night and day yet? I recall doing the big supermarket shop before Christmas, a few weeks after babe was born at 11pm at night. She wasn’t going to sleep, so I thought I may as well do something useful and take advantage of the 24hr supermarket being quiet.

Back to the Mr M story, apparently he really made this poor overtired woman angy. I can see his point a bit – the spaces weren’t being used. But there was a principle to uphold. On the whole, I’m with you lady, tell those lazy businessmen what for!


3 thoughts on “How dare they park in the parent and child space! The story of “Mr M”

  1. Ooo, I got my step-dad really angry with this post. His response was – “I’ve never read such sanctimonious drivel in all my life!”

    Seems this is quite an emotive topic – what’s your view? Do you agree with him?

  2. jane of exeter says:

    What is a fraction worse are parents who come WITHOUT their child (but clearly visible car seat) to the supermarket and park in the children and todler spaces! I confronted a woman and said it made me mad she said ‘well I do have a child they are just at home so f*** off! ‘
    How if having a child justified you being an arse. Although clearly being a parent doesnt stop you being one…
    I am ashamed to say that this spurd me on to the lunatic lengths of having in my car a fligher that I designed to put on the window screens of perpetrators when I caught them!!! Do you think I am losing my mind?

    • Oh yes, they are the worst. How dare she. You would think that she would have been simpathetic to the cause!

      Please give me some of your flighers…I want some too! We could also make it available to download for anyone else to print off – what do you think 🙂

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