Camping Low Down – New Forest, New Tent and New Lessons Learned with a Toddler

Who ever said a change is as good as a rest obviously had kids and was referring to holidaying (in any shape or form). Last week’s camping trip was by far from being the most relaxing experience ever, I will admit, but it was very enjoyable. 

The new tent was fab, apart from hubby being too afraid for the first half of the week to actually allow us to live in it! It was like being too scared to drive a Ferrari, I know it’s a far cry from a fast car, but I’m sure you get the idea. Don’t touch this, don’t do that…I know we spent a lot of money but it was getting too much. Especially when I was on main toddler monitor duty for the duration. About Tuesday I had a proper ‘strop’ after a heated debate and came back to the tent after pacing round the campsite to announce that I wanted to go home tomorrow, unless he took a chill pill. He took heed, although still argues I over reacted. But I was at my wit’s end at the time. Anyway after that things got a little easier with the tent, we learned how to use it better and hubby got a little more laid back about it all. And we did get some tent envy, but the coolest set up was this…a converted army ambulance – how cool. 

Converted army ambulance, that's camping in style!

Babe has a wonderful week and has come on in leaps and bounds. She seems to have got so much more agile and intelligent all at once. It was so cute, one morning she woke up before me and I woke to hear he saying ‘ta da ta da’ and then she proceeded to hand me my glasses – as if to say, right now time to get up mummy. She’s also started mimicking our actions and mannerisms, and now we are getting the finger wagging back.  At 20 months she managed to climb a fence, is now proficiently running and can balance on one leg, which she finds hilarious as we cheer in pride. 

Babe chilling out - but not for long...

I’ve said before in a previous post on camping with babies, something about being careful to choose the right campsite. Shame I didn’t heed my own advice. The site was OK, but was did suffer from noisy neighbours a lot. Next to us we had a lovely couple with a 15 month old, but he woke us between 5am and 6am every morning! Argh the screaming banshee! How we cursed. I did feel sorry for the parents though, as they tried to entertain him as quietly as they could before the world of campers woke. Although that wasn’t going to be long, his wake up call was not to be missed. On the Saturday night we arrived, someone was also having a party in an adjacent field playing loud music till 3am in the morning, the only plus was that it was music I liked and they had a decent sound system. 

Babe in the tent eating breakfast

 There are lots of things I learned from during this trip, and during the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my top tips with you. Plus maybe a post on how to entertain in the rain, after some horrendous weather in the second half of the week, I feel qualified to advice on this now 😉


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