I’ve turned into one of the buggy drivers I used to hate…argh!

Hands up, I confess to being too judgmental again! I used to curse people with buggies/stollers/prams, in fact I went to the extent of really hating them. Who do they think they are charging round the shops in their buggies at the mercy of all the other shoppers?! Little did I know what a trial it is shopping with a baby or young child. The near zero ‘browsing tollerance’ of little people are enough to make the experience fraught enough, without having the challenge of trying to navigate them and all you’re shopping, through busy hoards of people.  

My mum took great enjoyment in reminding me that I am actually turning into one of those people I used to despise. This topic came up after my step-dad had shouted out in objection in the background (while I was on the phone to my mum) about my post on people parking in the parent and child spaces. After they had both successfully got me on the defensive, she took the opportunity to recall… “how you cursed those people with big pan technician buggies and then you went out and bought one!” Mum remains an adamant buggy hater!  

Mountain Buggy Urban - back in the days before it got covered in food!

I will admit, if I am a general shopper, I still dislike the presence the buggies on the streets and many a time I do try to make the effort to take babe in to town in one of the carriers – but if it’s a big shop the buggy is a MUST and the same applies if its nap time.  

My old view that buggy drivers act like they own the pavements was a bit flawed, in fact you often have no choice but to charge ahead – in some buggies that are difficult to maneuver it’s not easy to duck and dive and in and out of the crowds. There is no way you can expect someone with a buggy to keep clomping on and off the pavement (or sidewalk) every time someone walks by.  

Luckily, there don’t seem to be as many people out there as judgemental as I was or my mum still is (I will no doubt get some snotty comments now). In fact people are largely very helpful, particularly when helping you on and off the train for example. Thank goodness to those thoughtful people.  

There are some mums (and dads) that don’t follow some basic general buggy driving etiquette, that give us big buggy drivers a bad name. A polite thankyou as people hurl themselves out of your track, goes someway to keeping them on you side. It’s also an idea to try avoid clipping people’s heels. Oh and running over people’s feet, bags and their kids is definitely something to be avoided too…lol. That said, it’s easier said than done to avoid causing damage to others as your navigating round the shops. If someone randomly stops in their tracks in front of me, surely it’s not my fault they get a heel clip? 

So mums, try where you can to be a polite buggy driver and remember to smile and say thankyou. To those who still are buggy haters, maybe you’d be open to the challenge of taking some babies/toddlers round the shops with you when you drop out to get some bits and bobs?


3 thoughts on “I’ve turned into one of the buggy drivers I used to hate…argh!

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    Yes well, you see when my two were little we just had one of those little McClaren pushchairs that were at least half if not a quarter the size of these modern day four-posters (which are the size of the old Silver Cross pram) now a days – and we managed very nicely thank you, you could pop them open in seconds – yes, seconds not minutes.
    Well thats my little bit of sarcasm over for the day,

  2. Claire Duberry says:

    I hope you can all see the simplicity of this – provided it has come as an image and not a load of script.

  3. Afraid we can’t…so your issue is with the big buggies then? My counter arguement is that my big buggy is much easier to manoever than some of the smaller more basic buggies – so I am much more agile and less likely to get in the way. I also need less help with steps and stuff because of the big wheels – so I’m less likely to hold people up.

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