Dribbling and staying up late calls for drugs

When will teething ever end? On Saturday poor babe was suffering in big way and the day seemed to just last for ever. It didn’t help that she didn’t end up settling down to bed till nearly midnight. As the night drew on I was getting to the point of despair. She’d missed her usual afternoon nap because of a morning lie-in, so reason told me that she would go to bed early. But this wasn’t going to be day of reason. After just 10 minutes sleep at 8pm, when I thought she had gone to bed for the night, I was sadly mistaken as she awoke shortly afterwards. I had made the mistake of trying to move her from my bed into her cot and from there on, she was determined to stay up. And as a mummy’s girl, all she wanted for the most of the day was me, so there was no let-up.

A good moment, during the teething weekend

By the time it had got to 10.30pm and all sleepy tactics had failed I stomped downstairs with babe in arms, to declare to hubby that it was time for the drugs! Dose the child up please and give me something before I go totally crazy. I’m not usually one for giving babe medicine unless she really really needs it. For me a drink was in order, but I was disappointed to realize that hubby had polished off the bottle of wine about two hours ago, well there’s a suprise…lol. It took till 11.49pm, I remember exactly as I glanced up at the clock. This was the time that I had soundly got her to sleep and managed to sneak away from her to grab my own tiny bit of space perched on the side of the bed. Oh but my poor dribbly babe, when will your teething end? I do hope it’s soon.

Alas a good nights sleep came on Sunday, after no usual nap again, she went to bed early at 7.30pm – and boy was I ready. I was becoming a nervous wreck – and that was just a weekend with the troublesome child. Hail to those mums at home 24/7 – you deserve a medal!


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