Snail eating toddler and 20 month swearer – not mine I hasten to add

I was catching up with friends Jane and Tanya last week who both have daughters about the same age as babe, and an important part of the agenda when we meet up (which isn’t very often because we all work and are juggling 101 things at once) is to swap funny stories about the latest things that our little princesses have been up to. Hmm princesses I’m not so sure….read on. 

We got onto the topic of food, which came about because babe was still eating her late breakfast of a tub full of plain dry Shreddies which she loves – can’t see how, without milk they are so gross. After sharing Shreddies stories and exclaiming what a mess crushed Shreddies make on the carpet. We started talking about the dreadful things our babes have started to eat. The best was from Jane, her delightful princess was caught eating a whole snail one day, only when they heard the crunching and the little mouth craned open, did mum realize what nasty her daughter had tried to eat. Ew yuck, babe has not advanced to eating garden grubs yet, but no doubt that will come soon. 

Blueberry dipped in houmous...she will eat anything with houmous!

Then we got talking about talking. This is a dangerous one for us, as we are all chatterboxed extroverts. In fact we we’re talking about our babe’s start of vocab and Tanya’s little treasure is definitely the head of the game on this one. Apparently when dropping something on the floor the other day, mum and day heard her say “oh shi” t…. “nah she said no shoe” said Tanya to her other half. But sure enough she says, she really does think she was swearing. So in Tanya’s house from now on there is a strict no swear policy.  I heard a similar story from another friend, who sometimes in frustration called his daughter the ‘little ***t’, he convinced this intelligent child that he was saying ‘little shed’ 🙂 

Hubby and I really need to catch-up with this and curb our language, before we get caught out with babe doing the same.


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