Apple or Blackberry – I’d Take Apple Anyday

I’m talking smart phones, if you hadn’t already guessed. I am not a gadget freak or phone freak for that matter, but I’m totally lovin my new iPhone….prrrr! Given a choice between the Blackberry or Apple’s iphone, for me the Apple wins by a long way. In fact I’ve road tested both recently and there is not so much more you can do with an iPhone and it soo easy to use.

If I was talking to my mum, she’d be saying “what are slaps” … “no, I said apps mum, a p p s” – the hearings a bit on the weak side you see. Anyway apps, what are they? Well they are short for applications.

These apps are little thingies that include easy links to certain websites for checking out the weather, ebay, amazon etc. Then there are also apps to help you with your every day life, particularly helpful for the working multi tasking mum – like a spirit level (we’ll you can’t rely on the man about the house to put that shelf up can you?). And a thermometer – do I need to dig out my cardigan for today?

Plus the TV guide, not that I really get the time to watch much tv, but it allows me to at least be able to know when to set the odd program for record without having to fight for the remote control to view the digital guide on the TV itself. Plus games, cute stuff, work productivity stuff like currency converter and finally a special app for accessing my bloggy wog wog 🙂

So I thought I’d give you the low down on my favorite FREE apps, I’ll not bore you will all of them, just the highlights:

  • Daily Puppy – argh babe just loves this, shake the phone and you get a new puppy picture that barks back

  • Met Office – have to support the local workforce, and of course need access to real time weather updates, particularly when out camping
  • Right Move – to save all my property searches, house hunting is back on the to do list
  • Facebook – for checking out what all my friends are doing, because I don’t get chance to interact properly in person much
  • Thermometer – sounds sad, but I just love to know what the temperate is, don’t you? Scarf needed – yes/no? What about those thermal undies?
  • Bump – havn’t used this but it sounds cool, you can simple bump your iphone with another iphone and get the persons details. Now there’s time-saving for you!

  • Angry Birds – game that involves catapulting a bird into targets to win points. Not sure I should let babe see me playing this, she’s into copying actions a lot at the moment.

As for paid for apps, I’m too much of a cheap scape to bother with those!

What about you, have I missed any of your favorite apps? Why not comment?


2 thoughts on “Apple or Blackberry – I’d Take Apple Anyday

  1. I’ve never owned anything Apple, but can’t see how it can be worse than the Blackberry Storm I do own… now you have me thinking about my renewal though…

  2. Mark says:

    Wondered how long it would take before hitting the blog…
    Now make sure you get on eBay and get a case . About £2.50
    Yes YOU have to pay ….

    You don’t want to smash the screen like I did 🙂

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