Hardwork friends – we’ve all had them!

I bet you’ve had some, friends that just seem to be an up hill struggle. It can sometimes feel like you’re always the one putting in the hardwork to keep in touch. I’ve had friends like this and some of them I’ve just given up on – and in all honesty perhaps they were trying to tell me something (won’t she don’t she just get the message, I’m not bothered?!)

Then there are some of my friends that I have and continue to make allowances for, thats just they way they are…but then I am still left occasionally wondering, is it really because they are not bothered about keeping in touch? Do you know what I mean?

The uphill struggle - this is one in Wales (a hill obviously not a friend)

Some I make allowances for because they have very demanding lives, I know its sometimes tough to be prompt at being the next one to make a call or drop an email. In fact as my life gets busier I am starting I’m afraid that I might be falling into being one of those hardwork friends.  I do hope not…


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