AT WORK: Negativity to motivate – I think not!

What is it about some managers that think being negative and derogatory about their team members is going to get them to be more productive?

It’s not rocket science is it?
Surely they can understand that grinding someone down is not the best way to get them to work hard and work well. Luckily I am not talking about my current situation…but its a bit of a hot topic with me at the moment, because I’ve got various friends who are going through workplace disillusionment as a result – and for good reason.

So you’ve been doing excellent work all year and one time, just one time your output is not up to your usual high standards and guess what comes up in your appraisal as the big topic of contention?! Some managers just love riding on the negativity band waggon. I’ve had a previous employer who took this approach and I didn’t much like it – in fact to the extent of which I chose just to get out.

I’m not sure if there are many people out there who actually respond to the approach of constant criticism in a good way, surely most of us start to just either switch off, get ****ed off and as a result lose motivation along with any respect for the manager.

AT WORK: is the most popular – Guest posts please
It seems to be that my AT WORK posts seem to be the most popular. The problem I do face with this, is that I often have to air on the side of caution – because part of my motivation for doing this blog is to gain experience for work. There may come a time when I want to share some of the results with my own manager or colleagues, and then it might become open to scrutiny by a far wider audience than I ever hoped. I’m not sure I generally like this idea because of the nature of the topics on here, ie my breastfeeding etc – but talking about these things won’t cost me my job. It’s a real shame though, because the AT WORK topics seem to strike a chord with a lot of people. So I really could do with some Guest’s telling their AT WORK stories, so that I don’t go setting myself up for any trouble in the future. If you want to do a guest post on this topic, or any other for that matter that you think will be interesting and funny for the other working mums out there, please get in touch with me – you can email



One thought on “AT WORK: Negativity to motivate – I think not!

  1. Claire Duberry says:

    Using mum’s laptop – still in Ireland… wish dad would not be one of those employers. Maybe he could read your blog!

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