The land of ice and fire – camping road trip round Iceland Part 2

This is the second installment about my two-week camping road trip around Iceland. Where was the campsite the Rough Guide promised us?!

Leaving Reykjavik
From Route 1 we set off through some mountainous type countryside, drove through a deep dark tunnel for a good few kilometres and came out the other end heading towards what was intended to be our first night of camping in Iceland in a township type place called Borganes. Before locating the campsite was decided to go and discover the local swimming pool which was reported to have good facilities, and the reports turned out to be correct; some good out-door pools and couple of flooms for the kids (including the big kids – hubby and I) and three hot pools of varying temperatures. It was all a bit strange bathing in hot pools in the pouring rain, but the Icelanders seemed totally unperturbed. After an hour or so, we’d pretty much had our fill for the day of hot pooling, so went off to shower in the communal nakedness and depart to seek out the Borganes camp site.

Picture taken from Nordic Adventure Travel website

Where is the campsite?
While the Driver caught some Zzz, I headed off on foot to ask the petrol station people were to find the campsite. After asking half of the town, it was later reveled that there was no campsite, they’d built a school over it. But we could camp on a bit of grass by the road. Hum, nice site – not. Stuff the kids of the ice, where were our toilets and shower block? What about running water?

Then add to this, as I went to stock up on food and drink from the shop I found out that you couldn’t even buy normal bottled water in the supermarket. It was plain bubbles or bubbles with lemon – guarenteed to make us burp like troopers for the next 13 days. I tentatively paced back to the car, and woke the grumpy driver, then broke the bad news. Driver was already tierd and grumpy, this was not going to help matters at all! Neither of us dared say it at the time, but we were both thinking it – was this set to be the tone of our annual holiday that we been planning months for?

Time for plan B
“Darn it we said, we’re not staying here” and set off to drive onwards up Route 1 (you will always hear me refering to Route 1, as that is the main road that circles the island). Onto the quickly drawn up plan B, head straight on to Stykkisholmur, which we had originally intended to stay the next night. The drive from Borganes to Skykkisholmur through the mountains of the western peninsula was truly awesome. The landscape was Icelandic harshness at some of its most beautiful. The land was dominated by blacks, reds and oranges of aged volcanoes and mountains – now this was more like it!

Day 1’s adventures do not stop here, find out about the evening at Stykkisholmur, next time in the series of posts about the land of ice and fire.


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