End of Free Speech as Toddler Talks

Babe has reached the ripe old age of 20 (months) and is at long last getting to grips with the English language, not quite Queens English, but she’s on her way to be waxing lyrical about the world through her eyes. 

Babe peeping through the stairs

The days of free speech within her company are numbered, soon enough we know that she’ll be repeating phrases back to the wrong people at the wrong time. There is no doubt; we have got some serious adapting to do. 

Babe has some regular words in her vocabulary now: 

1)      KEYS (to the door and to the car, she loves going out and knows they are critical to getting out of the house) 

2)      SHOES (again, involves going out, always a winner) 

3)      DRINKIE (sounds like inky, but is also accompanied by the sign language action so we get the idea) 

4)      Mama (me, oh and milk – maybe they just mean the same thing to her) 

5)      Dada (well that’s quite obvious what she means there) 

6)      Hiya   

7)      Bye (accompanied with a wave and maybe a blow of a kiss if you’re lucky) 

8)      Poo (this is one of the latest, she declares this and points to her bottom to indicate that she’s done a ‘rumble in the bumble’ i.e. done a number two in the nappy)

This is definitely going to be the hardest for hubby, it’s not the just the swear words, it’s the jokey comments about people that he makes over the dinner table. I really don’t want these repeated back to the person that might be the centre of the jokes in question. Argh…I can just see it now. “Daddy says that you’re the lady with the big bum” Eeekkk!


One thought on “End of Free Speech as Toddler Talks

  1. Barbs says:

    Errmm… does this mena I will have to be careful when we are on speaker phone??! Lol this will be like having a truth pill by proxy!

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