Breaking down the door to get out, I think babe might grow up to be claustrophobic

She is definitely an outdoors person “get me outta this house” – her vocabs not up to that yet, but she’s mumbling it I’m sure. In the morning after about an hour up, she is charging to the kitchen drawer shouting “keys” and sprinting to grab her “shoes” and pounding on the front door to make her escape. Is our home, really that much like a prison?

The same thing happens at tea time, after she has had her fill she is throwing our shoes at our feet and dragging us towards the door – never mind if I’m still eating my dinner or washing the dishes. This seems to be a nightly thing, trying to stop her throwing a tantrum while I try finishing up cleaning the dishes and scraping on the spattered food from the not so cream carpet…more accurately, dirty grey carpet. It’s not nice; in fact it’s not downright grim. Hubby was questioning if we should get a carpet cleaner the other day (another one, our last one came victim to the garage flood last summer).

After all the dinner/tea mess has been dealt with, we invariably head off for a walk. Usually to the park. But babe, or ‘little legs’ (that’s hubby’s new nick name for her) has recently started lying down on the pavement during our walks for no reason, after some coaxing she gets back up again – what’s that all about? I’m sure she’s not tired; she is not wanting to be carried. I thought it might be for a nappy check, but nope, it’s not that either.

Little legs doing the pavement sprawl...oh and my toe too!

Yesterday morning, we went blackberry picking. She loved it and was surprisingly well behaved. No smearing of blackberries all over her face, or trying to push them down her nappy – that’s another thing she started doing, ramming things down her nappy – erm, stop fiddling darling. And no rolling in the mud, as I’ve mentioned before, she loves pretending to be a dog, chomping on sticks and the likes.

Little legs sorting through the blackberries

So I’m currently left wondering, what are we going to do when winter comes?  Is she still going to be insistent on going out in the dark, or is she just going to be satisfied with running riot in the house. I’m really not sure what I’d rather.


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