Nearly a poo in the pool

Oh heck, no wonder she’d had enough and wanted to get out of the pool – she’d done a woopsey, a number two or my own preferred phrase, “a rumble in the bumble” in the swim nappy.

I took babe swimming on Sunday morning to bathe in the communal sewage. The swimming bath doesn’t have the best of reputations, but it’s relatively close, convenient and nice enough if you don’t worry too much about the water quality. My theory is that it builds up Little Legs’ (babes) immune system 😉

Swim nappies from the Baby Shop

The time round, it seemed babe was nearly promoted to number one criminal. But unlike the mum that Amy talked about in her post (no P in the OOL) Little Legs was fully trussed up with a swim nappy. My e-bay used-once washable Boots nappy bargain (just £1.25 to be precise) was put through its paces and came out the other end (mind the pun) smelling of roses – I wish, phawww the stench when I took that thing off!

So despite doing a mega dump, all was contained and even the delightful new (half price) swimming costume from Gap came out totally unscathed.

Picture from The Telegraph - Picture of the day 14th Jan 2010

But what about you…


2 thoughts on “Nearly a poo in the pool

  1. tineke says:


    you are really doing a great job with this blog! what site are you using fo rit? is it a standard layout or created yourself…

  2. Hi Tineke,

    Its WordPress and its free. I also tried TypePad and it wasn’t half as good – not as much functionality and no automatic updates to twitter and facebook.

    Apparently, its also one of the most popular platforms for a corporate blog too, and comes recomended by works’s web consultants.

    The templates for design are also really easy to use, they say, if you can send an email you can set up a blog and its almost true. It’s that easy to setup and to maintain.

    You gotta have a love for writing though, to keep up the motivation.

    Oh – and thanks a lot for the visits and the comment. Feel free to pass the blog link onto anyone else you think might be interested.



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