Toddler Disapline Crack Down Time Again – She’s a Nightmare!

I don’t know what’s going on with babe at the moment (well the last six days or so), but she’s turned into a little crazed clingy creature – lashing out and biting when she doesn’t get her own way. In fact I think a 666 might be forming under her hairline, or maybe I’m just feeling a bit jaded and delusional?

Babe 'having a strop'

It’s so tiring! I can’t image how much work it must be when you have more than a single sprong to contend with.

So I’m not sure if she is:

  1. Just testing her boundaries again
  2. Feeling a bit ill and generally cranky (well I kind of know this, we’ve had some crappy disturbed night’s sleep)
  3. Frustrated from not being able to communicate clearly
  4. or…well I dunno, you tell me?

So my general conclusion is that it might be a mixture of 1, 2 and 3, unless you can enlighten me on 4.

Naughty Step Time
Well it has been a time to familiarise ourselves with the naughty step again, in fact its seems that over the last 48 hours we have got way to intimate with this area of the house.

Head Bashing
She’s also doing crazy things, she seemed to be testing how hard she could bang her head on the corner of the sofa last night. First bang, no harm done. Second bang and she went all out, wallop!

“Wa wa wa…mama mama.”

What can I say, you stupid masochistic child? Nope, I pick her up and give her a big hug and explain that’s what happens when you go throwing your head at furniture – even if it is the softer corner of the sofa.

I am putting this down to it being a natural part of learning…I hope learning the good stuff though, not her getting into self harm or anything.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Disapline Crack Down Time Again – She’s a Nightmare!

  1. Surfergirl75 says:

    4. Attention seeking…..

    I tend to ignore all strops/ paddies/ tantrums etc, and headbanging is normal… And also ignorable, apart from the odd… ‘you’ll hurt yourself’

    I would like to say that in a couple of months they will grow out of it…. Haha, but won’t… Just don’t feed the fire x

  2. Thanks for that, some great advice.

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