Mr Dell falls vicitim to toddler with water on the brain

My friend Maz learnt a big lesson the other week. She’d sat her toddler down at the table to watch a YouTube clip on her laptop. She was diligent enough to remove her glass of wine from within reaching distance, but failed to notice the ‘sippy cup’ that her daughter had in her hands. Near disaster struck as her lifeline to the outside world was almost severed.

As her daughter sat enraptured by the animal signing YouTube clip, mum took the chance to clear up some of the clutter that had accumulated along the course of the day. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something very alarming. The laptop  (we’ll call it Mr Dell) was going into a frenzied psychotic state – i.e. screen flickering technicoloured dreams.

Mum immediately identified the cause, her little girl had decided that the keyboard needed a drink and was splish splashing water all over it. In not so super mum calmness, she leapt up, grabbed a towel and started dabbing at Mr Dell’s wet wounds (the keyboard). This seemed to stop Mr Dell flipping-out, but all was not well, he couldn’t move anymore – the little touch pad mouse refused to recognise any touch.

“Nerve damage, oh no!”

She soon realised, Mr Dell had water on the brain and need a drain.

It turns out, after a bit of drying out time, Mr Dell came back to his senses and returned to action on the front line of the waves (back to surfing the net).

Phew, mum sighed. As a stay at home mother, her laptop was the gateway to the sane outside world. Well maybe not sane, just something else beyond tantrums, washing, ironing, cleaning, poo and food stains.

There are no boundaries to the terror a toddler can cause!


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