Are You a Left Over’s Queen?

One of my mother’s many mantras when we were growing up was ‘waste not want not’. Which meant, if you are not going to eat all on your plate then it would get re-processed back into tomorrow night’s dinner or the dog would get it – that was the last resort, and usually was because it was past its best – i.e. nearly unfit for human consumption. 

My auntie was one of the worst, she would save all kinds of small left over’s, like the 11 spare baked beans from last night’s dinner, then put it in the fridge for someone to polish off later. The problem is, that she had so many little tubs of left over’s that many would get forgotten about and go all moldy – yuk! 

In fact, most of my family had and still do have this frugal attitude. You are likely to get all kinds of ‘divine’ delights served up for dinner. 

By nature or nurture, there was no chance for me to escape this trait. I am also one of those left over’s queens. But they don’t have a chance to go moldy in my house. I’m a grazer you see…although some might just call me a greedy pig (depends on your outlook). 

The left over's princess

The other night at 10.40pm I was seriously hungry and admitted to myself that if I didn’t go and eat – I was not going to sleep. Do you ever get that? So I stowed downstairs under the excuse that I need to top up my glass of water, to raid the fridge. Ah and there sat waiting for me was a little pot of potato salad and packet of opened chorizo…yum yum. There I stood in my undies with just the light of the open fridge door halo’ing around me, while I tucked into my little snack-et. 

Left over’s for lunch
That’s another good thing about working from home, you can polish off the left over’s from last night’s dinner for lunch. Often it results in some rather random combinations, like spaghetti Bolognese (without the spaghetti) and toast – I’ve been known to make a sandwich out of that before. 

Although it can’t be as awful as my sisters ‘tram smash’ sandwich – bread, margarine, Marmite and jam! 

Are you a left over’s queen? Or is it all strictly in-date, straight out the packet/oven stuff for you? What about your random left over’s combinations?


4 thoughts on “Are You a Left Over’s Queen?

  1. Surfergirl75 says:

    I have also witnessed your sister eat chips and gravy dipped in cream…. You’re frugal… Your sister is bonkers x

    Which brings me to the ‘i’ll save it in my pocket for later’ salad cream incident… However all was ok as the goat ate the jacket 🙂

    • Ah the goats did come in handy eatting our clothes sometimes!

      Reminds me of a time in a dizzy moment of being on the plane to Turkey and deciding to save a sachet of the butter for later in my bumb bag.

      Not sure if I am more embarassed now about the bumb bag or the mess the butter made as it melted and leaked out all over the floor.

  2. I am definitely a leftover queen! 🙂 Great post!

  3. Barbs says:

    Hee hee, it’s definitely nurture for us! Foods scream at me if they even remotely think they are going in the bin before their used by staus is up. Though this rarely happens if Ming is about. We really don’t stand a chance given both mum and dad are like that – not even considering extended family too!

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