The land of ice and fire: camping road trip round Iceland Part 5

This is another post in the series about my 13 day camping road trip around Iceland, and I’m afraid we’re still only on day two. We had done the hair-raising, simply petrifying whale watching trip and it was time to drive on to our next destination.

It was midday by this point and we decided NOT to go back to stay at Stykissholnmer again, as outlined in plan A. Instead we were going to press onto the next destination in the North West. So the driver headed back to the lovely (not) Borganes, to join Route 1, and we continued our clockwise adventure round the island. We drove on through more bleak scenery; I can’t remember it being more memorable than that to be honest.  It was just a really long and odious drive and as usual, took longer than we thought. Plus there were very little facilities on the way. We were pretty much out of food, so had to rely on the fizzy water, a couple of bananas and a tiny bag of overpriced peanut M&M’s. By this time, hubby was tired and hungry which all equalled, grumpy. Oh joy, a nice long journey with a moody man.

Alas, we got to our destination, Saudikrokur on the jutting out bit of the North West – not the fjords, the bit over from that. We’d heard that this was a great place to hang out and drink with the locals and was the hub of the area. Hmmm, hub my ass. Perhaps it was, but I guess not up to my usual standards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a city slicker, I was brought up in a working class environment in the country – but to be honest, I expected more.

The campsite was located between the school and the swimming pool on the school football field on the main road through the middle of the town. The toilets stank, like an old Icelandic woman may have died in there. The only upside was, that it was free. The bigger downside was, it was late and tomorrow was Monday morning, when all the town’s kids would be out playing on the football field in full force. Not the kind of wake-up call I had in mind.

We concluded that this was not an option, but first we need to check out the famous wild hot pool that the Rough Guide raved about. Now that was another story, involved driving 25km along a rough track to the middle of no-where, but wow, was it worth it. I’m not going to get into that now, its longer than I think you have the patience to stand today, so next time…

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  • p.s I’ve just realised I promised you in the last post, a story about hubby waking the whole campsite up by pressing his elbow on the car horn – that I promise, will come next time around. It’s taking me longer to tease this story out than I thought.


    4 thoughts on “The land of ice and fire: camping road trip round Iceland Part 5

    1. Claire Duberry says:

      I suppose your really long and odious journey was all through the day and all through the day eh?

      Oh, I’m really loving these blogs tonight. I am reading them all backwards, er, not literally, I mean date order backwards and anyway there is only the beautiful game (not) on the box. so what better way of passing an hour or two than to be entertained thus. And another thing just can’t seem to get any answers from the numbers I keep dialling.
      Well thankyou for that , I going to bed now.9.15pm

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