Unfit and no motivation to make time for excersise

I have no time to excercise, well I guess if really wanted to I would make time. Argh, wouldn’t we all?

But with working full-time and wanting to spend as much quality time with my daughter as I can, a run or something doesn’t come into the equation anymore (not that it did a lot in the past). But at least before I had babe, I used to do more active hobbies at the weekend like hill walking and mountain biking.

Quality time with babe is more important to me

Hubby has got back into running within the last year, and it is doing him so much good – yes physically (no beer belly anymore), but more for the stress relief.

Hubby suggests that I might like to go out for a run ( eg at the weekends), and he could take care of ‘little legs’. But to be honest, if I have that spare time I’d much rather be making a nice cake…if I’ve run out of eggs, then a cookie comes second best. Kind of the contrary effect of doing excercise, but hey ho, it makes me happy.

Lucky for me, I have not turned into a lard arse. I have continued to stay my steady weight of nine stone something (between 9 – 11lbs) – a comfortable size 10/12 (which has been my steady weight for nearly the last ten years). I was fortunate not to gain any excess weight during pregnancy and the week after babe was born I was back down to my regular weight – but I have a tummy now. Sit ups…what are they? I’ll put up with the not so flat (flabby) tummy thanks. Yes tone, in general is an issue…but, what ever, can’t you tell I’m really not that bothered?

The Theory
Like every mother, my life is hectic. I’m juggling a full-time job, and everything else that comes with being a mum. You know the drill… So my theory is that I am burning off so many calories/fat dashing around trying to cram everything in, that a run is not required. Plus, I’m still the house cow, breastfeeding babe – which also consumes lots more calories,  meaning that I can justify eating all this cake I’m baking 🙂

Missing Mountain Biking
There is one hobby/excercise that I do miss sometimes and that’s mountain biking. We often go for walks at the forest and catch people out riding their mountain bikes. Admittedly it was a little treacherous, but that was part for the thrill of it for me – the risk of potentially broken bones. Slipping on a wet rock and falling down the hillside into the prickly gorse bushes, or hitting a tree root at the wrong angle and catapulting yourself into the stream running alongside you.

What’s your take on finding the time and motivation to excercise?


Three arn’t a crowd – the knitting needles and I are back together

We needed some space, I wasn’t giving them the time they needed. The time we did spend together was just resulting in arguments about interpreting pattern instructions and dropped stitches. We were no longer good for each other, I wasn’t getting that fulfilled, good results kind of feeling – the last bootee we’d created together went a bit wrong…I knew it was time for a break.

The bootee gone wrong - the source of our seperation


We’re back on though, after a period of separation, we are reunited and are again making sweet love stitches and woolens together. There were some rocky bits at the begining, but we’ve worked through it…well I’ve got back into the swing of it and we’re now getting on like a house on fire. 

Argh…cut this rubbish. What I’m trying to say is, I’m back into knitting – yay! 

The needles and I are reunited


I needed a motivation to get me back on the waggon and it came a couple of weeks ago when babe lost her adorable ear flap green hat that I knitted for her when I was pregnant. I was mortified (well not quite), and with winter coming I realised now was the chance. So my latest knitting project is another hat, shouldn’t be too big an item to bore me. I get easily bored when it comes to knitting you see. 

Free knitting patterns
Through a new friend found on twitter, I discovered a place to get free knitting patterns – it’s called Ravelry. In the end I didn’t use one of these, I went down to my local craft shop on Saturday and got a paid for pattern. I thought I needed some fool-proof instructions, before I braved it on something less comprehensive in direction. 

The land of ice and fire: camping road trip round Iceland Part 8

The blue lagoon geothermal spa in November

Image via Wikipedia


I’m not sure if I’m boring you with this series of posts, but I’m going to go on for a while longer yet – sorry. This is part eight in the series about my camping road trip around Iceland, we have just got to day 3. 

Previously I told you all about hubby having woken up the campsite at 2am in the morning by pressing his arm on the horn. 

We had decided that it would be wise to make an early exit and were even cheeky enough to not bother paying. To be honest we couldn’t take the shame of it, we wanted to get off and away as soon as possible.Waiting around till the campsite warden arrived at 9am while we got death threats from the surrounding campers, was not my idea of holiday fun. 

The first mission for the morning was to go to the camp store and buy a new fuel pump for our expedition mission MSR stove, but guess what? They didn’t have it in stock. Apparently it was not stocked anywhere in Iceland. Every other fuel pump and stove was, but not this one! So we had to buy a new cheapo stove and hope that the weather stayed mild – luckily it did.  

We then headed off to the much talked about Lake Myvatyn with its curious geological features and rich bird life, said to be one of Iceland’s biggest tourist areas, cited as number 5 in the list of must see places in the Rough Guide to Iceland. The first paragraph on this place in the Rough Guide passively mentions that flies can get up your nose in the summer. To me this was the under statement of the year! It’s like saying eating arsenic has mild side effects of nausea and light headedness. 

In my opinion, the people of the middle ages got it right, avoiding the ‘devils piss’ (their definition not mine) lake and its steaming surrounds. You may think that this is mildly harsh of me, given that there are some most amazing geologically features including spectacular water falls, lava swapped hamlets, remnants of a lava lake…and so the list goes on. 

Arriving at Myvatyn
We got our first taste of the place, a forced mouthful of black flies that not only jammed themselves into your gob, but also journeyed into every other orifice exposed. Up your nose, into your ears…up your clothes…horrible, horrible, horrible.  

What not to do in a sauna
After food, the first stop was Myvatyn’s equivalent of Reykjavik’s Blue Lagoon but undiscovered. It stank to high heaven of sulphur, but that is unavoidable – sulphur in Iceland equaled heat. 

After overcoming the group naked shower experience, we were free to swim and waddle around in the pools for as long as we wished. It was a quiet and peaceful place with astounding views over lake Myvatyn and no midges – yeah. The calm and tranquility was soon to be broken as we headed into the sauna. No, it’s not what you’re thinking, no mischief of that kind anyway. In the sauna it was all rather cool, in fact there was no steam.  I’d summized that the big red button on the wall by the door was obviously the on/off trigger to start the steam and persuaded hubby to press it. 

‘Are you sure?’ he asked hesitantly before pressing. 

‘Yes, go on’, I replied. 

I doubt you’re surprised, this set off the fire alarm in the whole facility.

‘Oh shit, oh shit’ I muttered as a ran out of the sauna running towards the office, as people looked up startled staring. They were not impressed. I explained that it really should have a sign on it saying that it’s an alarm. From then on, the establishment was even more quiet and tranquil, what ever crowds there had been, were cleared and for a few minutes we had the place to ourselves. 

Some quiet, midge free relaxation at last!

If you are still interested and have only just discussed this series of posts, check out the previous ones…

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  • Back next week with more stories of Iceland fun.

    What URLAI says your writing style says about you. Apparently I’m between 66 and 100 years old!

    I found this website this morning which reviews any blog and tells you the gender of the person that writes it, and his/her age based solely on the person’s writing style.


    So I did it for the Nurturing Career Mama blog and it was right off with my age, says I’m between 66 and 100 years old. I’ve only just hit 30 for goodness sake.

    This is what it said about the mood…well at least its 54% happy.

    Pie chart that shows the Mood, happy 54%, upset 46%

    And 73% female

    Pie chart that shows the Gender, female 73%, male 27%

    What ever all this means…not a lot really.

    What does URLAI say about your blog? Is it spot on, or right off the mark?

    Super mum, do you know when it’s time to slow down?

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    Image via Wikipedia

    Some people, ie people like me, are terrible at knowing when enough is enough, and gauging when it’s time to slow down.

    You might look semi sane to onlookers, but those that know you really well, sense that you’re turning into Mrs Hyde (or is it Dr Jekyll? But you get my drift). But it is much easier said than done when you’ve got children. 

    Do you need someone else to point it out to you that you are doing too much? Erm, yes I do. Deep down I kind of know, but there is no way I’m going to admit defeat…I’m a bit like the fighting knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, I’d keep going even when I’ve only got one arm left, if no one pointed out the destination that I was heading towards – nutter ville. 

    But being a mum makes it more difficult, you have the responsibility to grow up and be more sensible and recognize when you’re pushing yourself too hard so that you don’t go crash landing into a heap of uncoping motherness. 

    But then there are sometimes you don’t have a choice, you have to keep going – just get into survival mode. But no one can sustain that for long surely, super mum is a robot isn’t she? 

    So this is what I’ve decided I should do in these situations: 

    • When I know I have a busy time at work coming up, don’t schedule too many personal commitments around it – I’m going to end up letting someone down along the line somewhere.
    • If I’ve been running in survival mode for more than a couple of weeks and can’t see a way out, I know I need to look at more drastic things that need to be changed in my lifestyle.
    • Talk more to my hubby, rather than just snapping at him for not helping…don’t revert to being Miss Crap Communicator (I confess I do…I get frustrated, resentful and then stop talking).
    • PRIORITISE – cancel appointments and don’t do things that are not urgent. Cleaning the bathroom can wait another week surely (what was I doing on Sunday afternoon after two nights being up till all hours with babe? You got it, cleaning the bathrooms).
    • Take a sick day off work when I need it. Working from home, I don’t tend to take many sick days, even if I feel rubbish. I kind of think, that somehow I can just plod on and get on with it. I might get through that day, but sometimes I know it would be just better for me to turn the darn laptop off and get some rest.

    What are your top tips for making yourself slow down?

    This morning’s panic at toddler medication mishap – big thanks to NHS Direct

    I was bumbling around this morning in a coldy haze, trying to get Microsoft Outlook to work on my work laptop (unsuccessfully) when I looked round to babe who was chewing something. She had already finished her Shreddies, so I wondered if it was one of the sequins that she had tipped all over the bedroom floor yesterday.

    Spit it out now child
    She obediently spat out what she was munching on, and it turns out that it was the tablet that hubby had mislaid months ago. I’d been hunting for that and had assumed it must have been vacumed up. Where she had found it, I just don’t know.

    I went into a panic, OMG; she’s eaten hubby’s stomach medication. Eekkk! And hubby wasn’t answering his darn mobile phone, typical.

    I looked round to babe who continued to poddle around as normal. I half expected her to start foaming at the mouth and her face to have turned into a little puff ball; luckily she was displaying no such symptoms.

    Hail to NHS Direct
    I got straight onto the phone to NHS Direct and explained the situation. After quickly weighing babe and speaking to hubby to establish the tablet dosage, the lady concluded it was likely to be nothing to worry about. Phew!

    Babe already has NHS Direct on speed dial

    So mama’s if you’ve not already programmed the NHS Direct number into your phone, do it now its:

    0845 4647

    I have used them quite a few times now, and they are amazing! They must be saving the UK a fortune. Without them I would have spent the whole morning in AE, sweating, flapping and spreading my coldy germs over some other poor ill and panic stricken people.

    Share now…but not everything babe, please not your cold

    Instilling the sharing mentality into babe (now 21 months) is something we are working hard on at the moment. But honestly, there are some things I’d rather not share, like half chewed up food, dirty nappies, bogies and the most pertinent to me today – cold’s.

    Babe was hell bent on me getting her cold good and proper from the time she came home feeling groggy on Friday (yes I know, another cold in the last month). I always admit defeat immediately when babe gets ill, generally if she has a bug, I’m gonna get it too.

    Owley and the crew have colds too

    But I can usually fight it much better. Mmm, well babe was determined that I should get a good dose of sufferance this time around. She was hell bent on making sure that my body’s ability to fight the cold was at it lowest by keeping me up till midnight three nights in a row, not to mention treating me like the 24 hour cow on the job.

    And just when I managed to get babe to sleep at a reasonable time last night, I couldn’t sleep because my nose was streaming and my head was splitting open at my sinuses.

    I am grateful today for being a working mum, I’ve taken the day off work, spent half the morning in the bath – all while babe has been shipped off to the childminders. I do confess though, I only half changed out of my PJs to go out of the house and there is a part of me that is secretly enjoying this cold. What is it that they say, ‘feed a cold’. Well I’m embracing that concept whole heartedly.

    Right, off for some nap time now.