How scientifically gross is dog face licking, bath pooing and resturante high chairs – what the scientists say


Image by nettsu via Flickr

I read this article in on titled ‘ How gross is it? Your germiest situations analyzed’ that involved asking the experts about the gross things that your kids do and how scientifically gross they really are.

I was a little surprised if I’m honest. Up there on the dirtiest things were:

  1. Public sand pits, which have been likened to dirty cat litter trays
  2. Restaurant high chairs
  3. And using your own mouth to clean your babies yummy.

Apparently these are all much dirtier than poopey in the bath, a dog licking a childs face (apparently dog lick is not as bad as human lick – although we don’t lick or own balls or bums).

I am suitably relieved because babe has pooped in the bath quite a few times over the last year and she loves having her hands licked by dogs. In fact every time she seems a dog she holds her hands out under their mouth and nose, hoping to be slobbered upon – I’d deny that she’s her mothers daughter, but I got myself quite a bad little reputation when I was small.


2 thoughts on “How scientifically gross is dog face licking, bath pooing and resturante high chairs – what the scientists say

  1. Mark says:

    Restaurant high chairs always gross me out but then so do disabled toilets when taking Spphie my 4 year old.
    She has learnt to use the toilet herself but needs to hold herself in position by holding onto the seat.
    The desire to scrub her hands whilst not raising her awareness of the potential germs that may scare her off from using the toilet.

    Just smile and get the soap ready…

  2. Claire Duberry says:

    I know I really should,nt ask what a baby’s yummy is I should really just assume it’s all the food residue around their chops after a spanking good gnosh out at your local Macdonalds( – not), from their antisceptically cleaned high chairs with the cloth that is used to clean the lavatories (ooh, is that too big a word for a few of your viewers?)

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