You know a toddler lives in the house when…oven chips end up in the toaster

We used have a pretty well presented house, and had accumulated some nice furniture over the years too. It has gone to pot a little though and I fear that it is only going to get worse.

There are some very obvious signs that a toddler lives in our house…

  1. You might spot oven chips in the toaster, or spoons in the microwave (eekkk)
  2. There are walking socks on the jagged end of the master bed to prevent her from getting serious head injuries
  3. There are sticky finger marks on the TV screen
  4. All low-level glass is covered in smears of slobber and food gunk
  5. Random things get left in shoes, like spoons – so check before putting them back on if you come visit
  6. Watch out for your bags and jewelry – particularly the beads, babe is a bead monster
  7. There are bite marks on the corner of the walls and door frames – she bites things when she gets frustrated
  8. You might spot some dried left over food ANYWHERE (not just down the sides of the sofa)
  9. The cream dinning chairs have food stains all over them, I’ve given up trying to keep them clean. I am going to dye them or get cushion covers in a few years time.
  10. Unseen unless you use our laptop – there are coins in the CD drive.

And somehow I just don’t care anymore. Sometimes hubby gets a little up-tight about it, but out of necessity even he is starting to chilax about the situation and succumb to the untidiness.

What about you, what give aways signs are in your house?


2 thoughts on “You know a toddler lives in the house when…oven chips end up in the toaster

  1. Emma says:

    Oh how I totally relate to this! I must polish the TV/the glass on the TV unit everyday because of the constant hand marks that appear!
    My poor corner sofa is liek a scratch and sniff its that filthy! Takes about 4/5 loads for me to get all the covers washed!

  2. ynasir says:

    This may be a little to share my experience when caring for infants
    The smell of pee is attached to the floor, clothes and chairs

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