The veggies that survived toddler terror, Mr Mischief and the ant army

For the first full summer without a rabbit (hail to peggy sue) I decided to grow some veggies. We rent and so digging up the grass was not an option, so I went down the grow bag and compost bag route and they have done me proud.

The tomatoes have been through a rough ride I tell you. Survival has not been easy. While they were lucky enough to escape blight (unlike last years) they have still had to toughen up to the barrage of attacks from the terrible trio – toddler, Mr Mischief and the ants.

Babe closely examining the tomatoes

It started on day one, when a poor young soul of a plant was uprooted by babe. There was no phoenix coming back from the ashes, this little one had given up the ghost. Only the fighters were going to survive what came next.

Then came the army of ants coming from over the border (well under to be exact, under the neighbours fence). They munched and crunched for a good couple of weeks, beheading at will.

And finally, it was the random unforseen attacks by Mr Mischief (hubby), and his partner in demolition – Freddie the funny face green football. Together they pursued the poor little tomato plants, firing at will. Many I’m proud to report, stood strong, but those who had to take the full on force fell to the ground to never realise the joys of turning ripe and red. It was the hard green death for them.

Now the harvest, if you can call it that (a handful of plants and a few scraps of veggies) is almost at an end. They didn’t do too bad, considering the conditions. We got quite a few meals out the potatoes, a couple of fat courgettes and plenty of little tomatoes – result!

Babe and the bowl of potatoes


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