Did you realise how big the mummy blogging movement is? But why?

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I didn’t realize until I started blogging, how big the concept really was, but more pertinently how massive the concept of mummy blogging is. 

But then it all makes sense.  

Finding time to mix with other mums for many is a real struggle
Particularly if you’re working like me. socializing in general is somewhat limited as you are shackled to your kids, and bound to their bedtime. 

Our local communities are also not like they were tens of years ago and many of us don’t live next to family for the support and to answer all your child conundrums. 

And there are so many questions you want answers to… 

  • Is my child normal when she bites the walls?
  • Am I going crazy because I went out with a dirty top on without realising it until I got to the supermarket checkout?
  • Why is my toddler’s hair not growing at the front, giving her a mullet and making her look like the wheel chair bound one off Little Britain

Then there’s the challenge of finding like-minded parents
For example I have various mums of small children that live just a couple of doors away, but we have nothing in common apart from the fact that we have small children. They don’t parent the way I do and we don’t have similar interests. 

And I’m sure they just think they are better than me in their big detached 4/5 bedroom family homes and look down upon me – I dunno. But never the less, we don’t chat much or share coffee and cake. A “hello and how are you” (hoping not for a long answer), is the best it gets. 

Is it just me???
We need to find of way of not being so isolated, not alone in our approaches and more importantly not total freaks. I think this is a fundamental to why mummy blogging is so popular world-wide. 

Become a mummy blogger (or just a blogger in fact)
If you want to become a mummy blogger there are lots of ways of doing it, you can set up your own site using a host like WordPress, TypePad or Eblogger or use a forum set-up like British Mummy Bloggers. 

So why not start your own blog? Havn’t got the time? Well you can always be a guest blogger for someone else (like me).


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